What are the implications for society when the corporation is the single most important ISA?

Basically, the increasing role of corporations produces a profound impact on society, Potentially, the dominance of corporations or one corporation can lead to significant changes in the development of the entire society. In this respect, it should be said that the domination of the corporation as the single most important ISA will lead to the formation of the specific corporate culture as the dominant culture of the society. To put it more precisely, the corporation will establish its own standards which the entire society will have to follow because the corporation is the major force in the society.

Consequently, being the dominant power, the corporation will be able to impose its ideology on the entire society.

The latter, in its turn, will view the corporation as a sample of the social organization. In other words, the social structure will more likely to follow or simply mirror the structure of the corporation. At the same time, the corporation will be perceived as an ideal and the only possible social system that can function really effectively. In such a context, social interests and social institutions, such as public organizations turn to be secondary compared to the corporation, which is superior in relation to social institutions.

Finally, it should be said that the domination of the corporation as the single most important ISA leads to the transformation of the society in a kind of corporation. In fact, the entire society will serve to the interests of the corporation for smaller, less significant organizations, private or public, will closely cooperate with the corporation, which establishes standards and norms of work and even life of people in the society.

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