What I learned in my American culture term paper

I have lessons on American culture events in this semester. During this semester I have learned much new information about the American holidays and the way of their celebrating. Now I want to tell you what I know about three holidays which are widely celebrated in America.

It will be described in the next paragraphs Easter day, Independence Day and Valentine day.

For the first queue I want to tell you about Easter celebrations and about traditions connected with this holiday. As you know it is very holly day and it began celebrated many years ago. Christians celebrate it on Easter Day or even better to say on Easter Sunday, in two days after Good Friday. There is no the exact date for this holiday and every year it little bit changed. As we know, Easter is the springtime holiday marking the rebirth of Jesus and the renewal of the Christian faith. It is a blessed time for the faithful to celebrate the life, death and resurrection of the Savior”¦ and a magical time for children to enjoy chocolate bunnies, marshmallow chicks and jellybean-filled Easter eggs. It is a day for rest and for celebrating. Children like this day very mach and not only for the Easter eggs and for the Easter bakes, but also for the Easter presents. This holiday is connected with many good emotions and every family tried to visit church this day and be kind for each other. Americans, like other nations have a wonderful tradition to present each other Easter cake, painted eggs and a something chocolate (it can be chocolate eggs, chocolate bunnies or candies). Also they present each other beautiful Easter souvenirs. Also I have know from my classes that Easter eggs are thoughts to possess magic powers, including bringing prosperity and warding off evil spirits.

Let’s talk about other very popular in America holiday. It is Independence Day. This holiday means a lot of for Americans and they celebrated it with great pleasure. My lessons show me that Independence Day is the birthday of the United States of America and it is celebrated on the Fourth of July each year. Americans very love to make wonderful birthday parties and to do the big and bright celebration is their debt. Independence Day is the day on when historical fact have a place, I mean in the Continental Congress was adopted the Declaration of Independence and it was happened on July 4, 1776.

And the last holiday which I want to talk about will be St. Valentine’s Day or it also called the day of all people who fall in love. Frankly speaking, I like this holiday most of all and my lessons show that Americans like it like me. It is a day when people say each other “I love you” and the day of many kisses. It is a tradition to present each other something connected with love. It can be hearts, flowers, sweet candies, funny bears and of course wedding rings. The main color of this holiday is red, and all of us know that red color considered the color of love.

I like all my lessons and they show me how Americans celebrated different holidays. I think that holidays are the part of our life and they do it bright and happy. American culture has very interesting moments and after my lessons studying I want to know more and more.

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