What is organizational culture and how might it have had an impact on Jimmy’s decision to leave the successful law practice?

Organizational culture is a set of behaviors that are purchased by the organization in adapting to the external environment and internal integration, which showed its effectiveness and shared by the majority members of the organization. The components of corporate culture are: adopted a system of leadership; styles of conflict resolution; the current system of communication; position of the individual in the organization; adopted by the symbols: slogans, organizational taboos and rituals, according to Organizational culture (2011).
Organizational culture might have had an impact on Jimmy’s decision to leave the successful law practice. It should be noted that first, people in their 30s and 40s are most likely to switch careers. These people most often have advanced degrees and therefore more opportunity. There are several reasons for switching from successful careers, these include seeking higher lee; of job satisfaction and job status.
An example focuses on Jimmy who left the successful law practices, and he moved into a substantially different career working the marketing and sale of real estate projects. While he experienced a 50% reduction in pay, the level of responsibility, interest and challenge are all significantly more rewarding. That is why he couldn’t see himself practicing law and litigating for the rest of his adult life. His career change was a leap of Faith. However, he is far more satisfied in his new career. In order to make the transition successful and rewarding, Jimmy tells us that you have to have confidence in yourself that it will work out. All in all, if it was not because of the organizational structure and different circumstances, Jimmy would not succeed. Consequently, the circumstances were in favor of Jimmy and opened him new doors in his career. At first leaving the successful law practice seemed the wrong way, but in a result the outcome of the career change was positive.


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