What were the major consequences of Alexander’s death?

The historical figure of Alexander the Great (r.336-323 BC) is embraced by many interesting facts and questions about his contacts with religion, and concepts of his personal divinity, about his policy of expansion and aggressive activity.  There even has been debate, throughout history, whether Alexander was truly great historical personality and what the major consequences of his death were. This essay will discuss the main cultural and political consequences of his conquests.

The Persian Empire territory was spacious, locating from Egypt to the Indus River and from the Caspian Sea to the Indian Ocean. This territory due to its excellent resources was a formidable opponent to anyone willing to take it on. In spite of that fact in 334 BCE Alexander crossed the Hellespont and attacked the Persians. In such a way in 331 BCE Alexander resolutely crushed the Persian king Darius III. It was effective conquer and, as a result, Alexander affected the economy for centuries by putting a big amount of money into his empire circulation after the destruction of the Persian dynasty.

It didn’t take long to wait for the political consequences of Alexander’s the Great death. In my opinion the main and big consequence of Alexander’s death was the Empire destruction. An enormous empire, created by a great historical leader halted own existence by understandable reasons. After Alexander’s death his generals fought against each other to assume the territory conquered by Alexander.

Finally, the big territory was divided into three Hellenistic monarchies, the Ptolemaic Dynasty in Egypt, the Seleucid Empire nowadays Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan and the Antigenic Empire, centered on Greece and Macedonia.

Cultural consequences were different but the main Alexander’s dream to merge elements of the Greek and Persian cultures together became true after many years and he played a noticeable role in rapprochement of European and East civilizations. Exactly Alexander first in history called to unity, consent and dormitory on equal terms among people of different blood, different races, origin, languages and cultures.

Thus, taking into account all above-mentioned, it is possible to conclude that Alexander the Great entered the world history as the indeed greatest conqueror of the Ancient world. The consequences of his death had not only political but also cultural character.  Alexander Macedonian succeeded in changing this world due to his talent of organization, military innovation and personal bravery.

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