Why Do I Feel, I am Good at English essay

The language competency of an individual is defined by his language skills and experience, but, what is probably the most important, is the linguistic environment of an individual since you cannot be good at language if you do not use it in your daily communication. In this regard, I can say that I am quite good in English because, now, I cannot imagine a day without using English at work, home or simply while communicating with some of my English-speaking friends.

Even though I was born in India, I have managed to succeed in learning and speaking English well enough to communicate freely using language as well as if it were my second native language. In this respect, I should say that my native language is Telugu and my family speaks Telugu solely. Nevertheless, since my elementary school I have learned English and, what is more, English was the main language I used during my school years. In such a way, my education was based on English and the language competency was crucial for me. Otherwise, I could not succeed in education and later in my professional career. For instance, I have succeeded in various competitive exams which I are in English, such as EAMCET (Engineering Agricultural and Medical Common Entrance Test) for Engineering Graduation Entrance and GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering) for Post-Graduate Engineering Entrance.

Moreover, I keep using English in my professional career and, what is more, it is the only language I have been using at work since the past fifteen years. As I work at HCL Technologies LTD. and at Wipro Technologies LTD. I have to travel a lot and English proves to be a vehicle language which helps me communicate with people worldwide. In addition, during my work at HCL Technologies I have managed to write a book “Digital IC Applications”¯, where I used semantically elevated language and the work on this book has enlarged my linguistic experience consistently. In this respect, I would like to emphasize that, while writing the book, I covered specific in the field of electronics and the book was destined to graduate students. This is why I believe that my book naturally attracted the interest of local popular “Sure Publishers”¯ in the province Andhra Pradesh, which published my book in 2005. In fact, it was recognition of my language competence and I perceive it as a kind of reward for long years of hard work I have spent on learning English.

Thus, I have an extensive linguistic experience and I am quite good in English.

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