Why I want to be a doctor of chiropractor and why do choose Palmer College of chiropractor?

Spine pain or pain in the neck or any other form of acute or long-lasting pain is unbearable for individuals, whereas many people run desperate, when they understand that pain medication has little, if any effects on their health and fails to prevent or stop the pain. In such a situation, the modern medicine often fails to provide patients with efficient treatment. At any rate, I can refer to my personal experience. I was a police officer, when I suffered severe injuries after the confrontation with an offender and the car accident. I needed the assistance of health care professionals as I suffered from back pain, neck pain and sprain. However, health care professionals conducted the pain treatment based on the use of medication, which, though, failed to help me. In spite of the medication, I still suffered from pain, which just drove me insane. I could not afford the pain, whereas drugs brought me a short-run relief and pain returned over and over again. Eventually, I came to the point, when I understood that some alternative treatment is needed.

Occasionally, I dropped on a chiropractor, who a friend of mine recommended me. At first, I did not believe that the chiropractor can help me with simple manipulations. However, my skepticism has disappeared as soon as I started the treatment. My chiropractor revealed me the new dimension of medicine, which I have never heard of. I did not believe that chiropractors really help people, especially if they suffer from such severe injuries as I did. Nevertheless, my personal experience has proved that chiropractic may be and is helpful. At any rate, after the chiropractic treatment, I have never felt the back pain, neck pain and sprain again any more. After my recover I grew persuaded that I should help other people, who have suffered from the similar injuries as I did or who have the same pain as I used to have. This is why I decided to become a chiropractor. I strongly believe that I can help other people because I feel like being able to work as a chiropractor. At any rate, I do want to learn hard to become a good chiropractor and keep progressing throughout my career because chiropractic can be a perfect alternative to the conventional medicine, which has a few options of pain treatment but medication and a few of them really work as effectively as chiropractic.

As I took a decision to become a chiropractor, I focused on the search of the college, where I could obtain the professional education. After long searches, I have eventually chosen the Palm College, because this college has a good reputation and a solid scientific basis for the training of future chiropractors as well as the college provides ample opportunities for having good practice in chiropractic. In addition, the college maintains close relationships with other colleges in different states and countries of the world that opens wider opportunities for sharing knowledge and experience with other students and professionals working in the field of chiropractic. This is why I decided to choose the Palm College, which I believe is the right place to become a good, professional chiropractor.

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