Why Should International Student Tuition Be Reduced?

Today, more and more international students want to receive higher education in well-developed countries of the world, such as the USA or the UK. However, the tuition often become an unbearable burden for many of them and they cannot afford paying for their education abroad, along with maintenance of their living in a country, which is totally new for them. In such a situation, international students tuition should be reduced consistently because it does not only limit their access to education but raises barriers which may be interpreted as the violation of their rights.

First of all, the tuition needs considerable financial resources, which international students do not always possess. In addition, it increases substantially their expanses which are high enough because they have higher expanses compared to local students. International students have to settle in a totally new country, where they do not have friends who can support them. Instead, they can face a risk of dropping out of University, but, unlike local students, they will not have a second chance to get the higher education in this country. They have to return home and they will have little opportunities to get education abroad because substantial funds have been already wasted on their tuition in vain.

Furthermore, speaking about equal rights and opportunities, it is obvious that it is undemocratic to establish higher tuition for international students compared to local students. The reason is simple: the tuition should be equal to all students, but this will limit the access to higher education not only for international but also local students, or the tuition should be reduced. The latter means that more students will have an opportunity to get higher education that will beneficial to all, students, universities and the country.

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