Wide World of Sports Reflection Exercise One: The Natural

The life story of Roy Hobbs is the story of a gifted baseball player for whom baseball is not just a game but his life and there is nothing else in this life he can do perfectly well. In fact, he has started to play baseball since early childhood and he has proved to be a very perspective player. At the same time, his early successes in baseball were determined not by hard training but by his natural talent, which he exploited severely throughout his entire professional career. However, he cannot play perfectly using his talent only. Gradually, he grows older and his belief in his talent, the disorder personal life, such as affairs with Harriet Bird or Memo, which gradually destroy his professional career. As a result, the film depicts an aged player who uses his last chance and his talent helps him again since, being a pitcher, he starts playing as a batter and succeeds. However, such an exploitation of his talent and intrigues from the part of big bosses results in the final victory of his team but ends Roy’s career up.


In fact, the film shows to opposing views on baseball. On the one hand, it is the view of Roy Hobbs, who believes that baseball is primarily the game, a sport, in which he has to succeed at all costs, even though he risks his health and life as he does in his last match when his stomach is bleeding. On the other hand, baseball is shown as a dirty business, where commercial interests are more important than the game itself. This is why the Judge resorts to poisoning Hobbs.


Baseball has hardly changed since “The Natural”. In contrast, it became even more commercialized and its sportive nature becomes even less important than commercial benefits. As a result, entire teams and even individual sportsmen become rather brands than sportsmen that take part in a competition.

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