Will to Live essay paper

Today I received another email from my friend Jane. She wrote she was doing fine. She also sent me her new pictures.  But it is better to tell her story from the very beginning, the story of a young girl, an accident, months of suffering and despair and a story with almost happy end”¦ Jane became very close person to me and her story taught me a lot. Many things, which we passed through together, taught me very important things and became a very valuable experience for me.

When I met Jane, from the very first minutes of our conversation I was under the impression of her energy, desire to live, to act and to win. She was tall and pretty, sometimes sharp and direct and self-confident. At that time she did not have many friends,  but what I paid attention to later was her deep devotion to people, whom she considered to be her friends. For me, she seemed to be an interesting person and I started to communicate with her. Later I found out that her presence was pleasant for me and that we always had some common topics to talk about. The only topic, which we practically did not touch, was men and relations with them. She was so bright and active and I always thought that everything was ok in this sphere, maybe she just did not want to discuss such intimate things. We spent hours speaking about things, which were important for Jane and me. I was greatly surprised by her great optimism and ability to find good things in everything which had happened to her. Some time had passed and we managed to develop nice warm relations. We met couple of times a week and had nice time together. I had also the chance to meet her family: her parents and her sister. It was clear that Jane took after her mother ”“ a strong-willed and beautiful woman. Her younger sister was absolutely different ”“ a shy and calm girl.

At that time Jane seemed a good person for me, but not more. The real idea about her inside world I got only after the accident that had changed all her life. I met her on the last day of August and we went to have lunch in the cafe.

We talked a little, but then she said she had to go because on the coming day she had to go on some business trip to another city with her boss and his deputy. I said good bye and wished her a nice trip. She promised to phone, as soon as she came back in a couple of days. But on the next day my work phone rang. There was somebody from police, asking me if I knew a girl, whose name was Jane. After several minutes of conversation, he explained that there was a car accident and that she was the only person stayed alive and she also gave my telephone number. Till this very moment I do not know why she did not give her home telephone number, or the number of her father’s office. From that day her nightmare started. She survived in an awful accident, but she was actually broken into pieces, doctors were repeating that they could not guarantee a single more hour that she could live. But she lived, one more hour, one more day, and one more month. She had to go through several operations and finally doctors said that the crisis was over, she would live ”¦but she would never be able to walk again. It was hard to image such a young and full of energy girl spending all the time in the wheelchair. Then she told me she was not going to listen to doctors. To tell the truth she was crying a lot during the first months after the accident.  Once she explained me why her first question after she was taken to hospital from the road was about her boss. For several years she was in love with him, they never had romantic relations, because he was married, but now it was clear why the theme of men was forbidden for us. So this accident turned for her to be another terrible loss ”“ loss of the beloved person. But as I said, her intention was not to listen to doctors and she informed, really informed her family that she was going to walk at any rate. She insisted that the doctors let her go home and there she started to break their “curse”. So often I was the witness how she tried to stand up on her legs and had to fall back to bed, but there was another attempt, and then once again.  And once, when I came to visit her as usually, not her mother, but she herself opened the door – she was shining, she managed to do the first steps, although with the help of go-cart. I could not believe my eyes – she succeeded. This was of course the beginning for her, each day she ate, read and learned to walk. As she could not go out – she had to communicate with people through internet, there she met a guy, whom she told the whole truth about her accident, about her state at the moment, but it did not scary him away and he insisted on their meeting.

The only problem was that he lived in a different country – inGermany. She spoke perfect German and there were no problems in communicating for them. Several months later, on the New Year Eve, she phoned me and said that he had come. By that time she could walk with a stick already, as she never stopped her exercises, moreover now she had another “motivation”.  Heiner, this was the name of the guy fromGermany, fell in love with her and wanted to take her toGermany. They had to go through a lot of difficulties at the embassy and at the hospital, as doctors didn’t believe that she was able to walk and make a long trip. But this time, the same as after the accident, she said that she was going to do it at any rate, and she again did what she wanted. She left the country with her dear man and in six months they got married there. She is not allowed to have children at the moment, but she said, as usually, that she was going to do it!

So, coming back to her email, she wrote that she gave a fantastic concert, she played on the piano for two hours and the audience was really excited. She got an invitation to make a round world trip on a ship taking part in the evening concerts there. Her husband was really proud of her. And reading her email, looking at her photos, I see the same girl, that she was many years ago, before the accident, bright, energetic and self ”“ assured”¦ For me, her close friend, she was the best example in my life of the human will and moral strength.

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