Wireless and wired networks

The office should have both wireless and wired networks. The wireless network includes five wireless access points and fifteen laptops. The wired network would consist of 5 switchers and 20 wired desktops. At the same time, the wired network would be connected to internet with the help of 3 routers and there will be five servers. In this regard, it should be said that the internet will enter wired network and serve the wireless network, which could be connected to the wired network.

The development of networks in contemporary offices needs considerable efforts because offices need multiple functions being performed by its hardware. In this regard, it is worth mentioning the fact that many offices use not only conventional desktops but also laptops. In fact, today, laptops become even more popular than desktops because they provided professionals working in organizations with a larger degree of mobility and open larger opportunities for their effective work not only in the office but also outside the office. At the same time, whether they use desktops or laptops, they still have to be connected to Internet or internal network, which unites computers within the organization.
In actuality, the system of networking suggested above may be very efficient because it contributes to the effective and reliable work of the network within the organization and enhances the potential of the organization through the connection to internet and possible exchange of information using different means and different computers. This means that to transfer data, professionals working in offices may use not only wired network but also the wireless network as well. The latter is particularly important, taking into consideration the growing need of modern offices and organizations in the mobility of their employees.

On analyzing the suggested model of networking, it is important to place emphasis on the fact that the suggested model focuses on the entering internet through the wired network. In fact, the wired network is more reliable and faster in regard to the provision of the stable connection to internet and fast data sharing using the wired network. At the same time, through the wired network, internet services can become available to laptops connected to the wireless network. In fact, the wireless network can be easily connected to any desktop and through the connection to the desktop comprising a part of the wired network, wireless network can receive internet services. At the same time, both networks can operate autonomously and they do not interfere in operations of each other. Obviously, the connection to internet is important for modern offices. On the other hand, each network should operate autonomously. In such a way, offices can enhance the information security. For instance, the suggested model implies that the access to the wireless network through internet is impossible directly. Instead, the access to the wireless network through internet is possible only through the connection to the wire network that is quite difficult to do, especially for an intruder. As a result, the offices using the suggested model are protected from information breaches and they may function effectively using both wired and wireless network.

Thus, the suggested model is effective and reliable and can be applied to modern offices.

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