Witness Statement Essay Sample

On reflective over my letter of 29 December 2008, I am arriving to the conclusion that I have hardly been able to reveal all aspects of the difficult situation in which I found my sister and her son as well as myself. Probably, I was too excited and nervous to convey all the details of the terrible story of the life of my sister with her arrogant and abusive husband. I have attempted to explain you the situation in which I found my sister on my arrival to the USA, but I provided you with rather general information on the case of permanent offenses and abuses of my sister and her son they suffer from S.S. However, I can hardly cope with my emotions and my fear when I think of future prospects of the life of my sister with this terrible, aggressive, unpredictable man. On analyzing his behavior, which I witnessed with my own eyes when I was in the USA, I am growing confident that, if this man remains unpunished and if my sister and her family remain unprotected, there will be no rescue for my sister as well as for her family not only in the USA but also in Iran. I am convinced he will get us even in Iran. I believe that this man with a violent, arrogant and high-handed temper will do his best to revenge on my sister and on our family. Hence, the escape of my sister from her husband cannot lead to good ends if the issue remains unnoticed by the US authorities and judicial power.

I can hardly express all the emotions and concerns of what we had experienced in those days in a few lines. However, these serious events should not be underestimated. In fact, it is not just an emotional interpretation of a routine problem within a family. In stark contrast, I have witnessed that the life and health of my sister and her son are under a permanent threat and this is an objective assessment of the current situation and relationships of my sister and S.S. These events had influenced afterwards my life too, both emotionally and economically. In such a context, it is important to adequately understand what the consequences for my sister and her son are and will be in all respects!

So the trial jury should not underestimate the significance of the events I have already described and which I have witnessed in person.

Needless to describe the fear and the shock of my sister, her son and mine in those days since I can hardly find proper words to describe that fear of a trapped animal in face of a outrageous and bloodthirsty hunter who is about to kill his game. His continuous threats and terrorized look of my sister and her son, their inability to describe and confide what was happening and their hopes that I could be able to notice their fear were suffice for me to understand what was really going on in their family. Fortunately, I proved to be able to comprehend their behavior and reasons of the fear of my sister and her son.

As I had already described, me and my sister had not got a minute of privacy, for he had never left us alone. Just in rare cases, we managed to communicate for a few minutes. It was just a real nightmare. I still remember deep distress of that night, when we were hidden and curled up in the closet and the danger we exposed our lives to while I was speaking in a low voice on phone with Mrs. X, in order to not let him overhear me! We were just searching for help and advice on how we should have behaved. The danger was not fancied but it was a real danger while he was screaming that he would kill us.

Hence, I am convinced that if S. S. is left free, he will revenge on us, because this is a characteristic of him and he cannot act otherwise.

Rarely I and my sister succeeded to talk alone, my sister was so embarrassed to describe me the sexual assaults which she had undergone and she was still undergoing during my permanence in the USA. This was not just because of a natural discretion but it was also because of our culture in which sexual relations and sexual issues are a taboo. Therefore, I am sure that she confided me just a minimal part of what had really happened.

I am telling you over and over again that, if I had not gone through these vicissitudes and had not breathe the distressing and fear atmosphere close to S.S., probably I would not lay so much emphasis on the fear of the consequences which could affect the life of my sister and her son in the future. I have a deep-rooted fear that my sister and her son will be unharmed in the future as long as S.S. remains free and my sister and her son are unprotected.

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