“Woman Hollering Creek” by Sandra Cisneros essay

Basically, the short story Woman Hollering Creek by Sandra Cisneros is quite interesting to read since this literary work raises a number of problems many modern women still face in theUSas well as in many other countries of the world. On reading the short story, I could hardly remain indifferent to the problem of women’s discrimination and their poor position. In fact, the story fully reveals the extent to which the attitude of men to women may be unjust and what is more the author manages to show that men and women are in extremely different position.

Obviously, Woman Hollering Creek is one of those literary works which stimulate people to change the current situation. As for me, on reading this short story, I really thought about many women that have been brought to theUSfromLatin Americabeing separated from their families or who were forced to leave their motherland because of poor socio-economic position and who are now in the same situation as the main character of the short story, Cleofilas. Naturally, such a position of women may be explained by those illusions they have after watching soap operas but, in actuality, their real life turns to be quite different from numerous soap operas. Instead, their life as well as the life of the main character of the short story rather resembles a terrible TV show without any commercials for a comic relief,

However, on a profound reflection, the position of women is not so desperate as it might have seemed to be at first glance. Felice shows the main character that women can behave differently and she proves that women can be really independent. I believe this is really important since this character actually shows those oppressed women the possible way out.

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