Yes, the political culture of Canada is becoming americanized

Yes, The Political Culture of Canada is Becoming Americanized.

This essay will be an answer on the main question of our debate: Is the political culture of Canada becoming Americanized? I want to answer on this question from the “yes” side and have several arguments for the Canada’s political culture Americanization.

Nowadays Canada moving closer to Americanization and for a great regret tends forget about own political culture. Having a look in the past of Canada’s political culture we can see that it included a sense of community and appreciation of value of collective efforts and public institutions. Canadians now are at the stage of loosing their political culture and becoming Americanized by the possessive individualism of the American political culture. Moreover, many Canadians don’t pay any attention on political values at all and have become so accustomed to American political symbols and beliefs that sometimes they are doubt about the fact of Canadian political culture existence. The point is that American economy and technology is highly dominated on Canada’s political culture and as a result we can see many Canadian institutions reflecting American political canons, including federalism and so on.

Thus, taking into account all above mentioned we can conclude that patriotism and love to Canada is diminishing among Canadians and Canada’s political culture is moving towards the “American way” by big steps. These steps are reflected in political leaders’ behavior and decisions and will form new Americanized ideological perspectives in future. I think that exactly today it is important to protect some base principles of Canadian political system because they increasingly Americanized and change the perception of many necessary political acts and laws.

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