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I have been always concerned with my education since I believe that education lays the foundation to my professional career. Taking into consideration the fact that I am particularly interested in medicine and pharmaceutical science, I am willing to apply to the University of Washington School of Pharmacy, Pharm. D. Program. I believe that my enrollment in the Program will contribute to my professional development and progress.

As far as I know the UW School of Pharmacy is one of the oldest in the country and has an extensive experience of provision educational services to students. In the UW School of Pharmacy I will have the possibility to continue my scientific researches even the graduation from the school since the school offers a variety of programs and tools which I can use in further scientific researches. I believe that a professional working in the pharmaceutical industry will have to get up-to-date information and get acquainted with recent researches as well as to conduct researches himself to keep pace with the constantly progressing science. The experience, knowledge and skills I am expecting to acquire and develop at the UW School of Pharmacy can help me not only to become a successful professional but I expect that they will help me to become a successful scientist for the academic experience I hope to acquire at the UW School of Pharmacy will be of the utmost importance for me.

Hence, taking into consideration all above mentioned, I would like to conclude that my application to the University of Washington School of Pharmacy, Pharm. D. Program is an important step in my professional career. On the one hand, I will acquire important academic and social experience. On the other hand, I will have an opportunity to develop my scientific work. In such a way, the application to the University of Washington School of Pharmacy opens larger opportunities to my future career.

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