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Essay on LLM – Regulating Corporate, Social and Environmental Behaviour

Posted on April 21st, 2014 by essay

Table of contents: Introduction I Governance and self-regulation 1 The efficiency of self-regulation 2 Government-corporation interaction and self-regulation 3 Codes of conduct as a form of self-regulation 4 Implementation of self-regulation II Drivers of self-regulation 1 The rise of social responsibility of corporations 2 The growth of the global value chains 3 The increased significance of brands and corporate reputation 4 Modern telecommunication systems and information technologies 5 The resistance of corporations to the growing impact of government III Strengths of self-regulation 1 Lower costs of self-regulation 2 Greater inspectorial depth compared to government regulators and inspectors 3 Better training of corporate inspectors 4 The greater power of corporate inspectors 5 The high efficiency of internal compliance groups IV Weaknesses […]


Impact of company’s social responsibility my consumer behavior

Posted on March 9th, 2013 by essay

According Mohr and Webb (2001), the company’s social responsibility plays an important role in consumer purchase decisions. This article indicates that consumer’s behavior is based not only on the consumer’s immediate self-interest. Although it’s a quite controversial issue and a proper research on the relation of company’s social responsibility, higher profitability for companies and consumer’s behavior is needed. In opinion of the authors of an article, there is a substantial market segment that considers a company’s level of social responsibility in its purchase and investment decisions, therefore companies have an opportunity to appeal to this group of consumers through their social responsibility programs. It is also believed that it is important for socially responsible companies to work to gain the […]

Social Responsibility Paper

Posted on March 9th, 2013 by essay

I would like to analyze the social responsibility policy of Heinz Company. It’s a global US–based food corporation and currently it offers over 16,000 products in the following categories: Ketchup and Sauces, Meals and Snacks, and Infant Nutrition. Social responsibility’s definition The continuing commitment of the organization to behave ethically and improve the employee’s life quality and also the community as well is a corporate social responsibility. Social responsibility is a set of policies that are included in all business processes of the company. This set of policies takes a responsibility for all the actions of the organization (current, past and future). Of course, the matters of the corporate social responsibility always vary depending on the kind of business and […]

Social responsibility essay

Posted on April 7th, 2012 by essay

Nowadays, an increasing impact on the image and reputation of the organization has occupied its social position. Evaluating its activities, the community not only examines the operational and financial performance, but also how the organization conducts its activities, takes care of its own employees, as far as its activities in the interest of other market participants, residents of the territories of its presence, as well as society as a whole. The concept of social responsibility There are many reasons that social responsibility should be given special attention. First of all, it is important to note that the increasing globalization, consolidation and growing influence of business organizations intensify the competition in the market and, hence, increase the role of brand and […]

Essay on Enron company

Posted on May 4th, 2014 by essay

Before 2001, Enron was officially successful, based in Houston, international company busy in energy, services, and commodities industries. It was a corporation with more than 50 years history, 20, 000 employees and approximate $100 billion revenue in 2000. The greatest rise of Enron is rooted to 1990, when the congress of United States of America has passed laws intended to deregulate the markets of electricity and natural gas.  However, in 2001 the financial world was shocked with a collapse revealed about this company. The revelations enlightened that series of fraud accounting operations beginning from 1990 led to Enron’s bankruptcy on November  2001. As the scandal was announced, corporation’s shares dropped from 90 dollars to 50 cents in price. This was […]