Argumentative Essay Men and Women Should not be Equal or Treated the Same

The issue concerning the equality of women and men has always been a controversial one. Some people think that men and women should not be equal or treated the same while others adhere to the opinion that the roles of men and women should be equal. This difference in gender relations is obvious in the European and Western world where women and men enjoy equal rights according to the law and in the Arab society where men play a dominant role according to the established law. The major causes of the difference between men and women are connected with cultural, social, historical and religious backgrounds. Is it possible to compare physical endurance of a woman to physical endurance of a man? Have you ever seen any sport competition where a woman competes with a man? Let’s take, for example, the Olympic Games. Do you know that according to the statistical data, men hold most of the senior positions in our society. This fact is related both to the Western and European societies and to the Arab world. Are there many female presidents? Or, have you seen any woman to be the Head of the Army? It is nonsense.
Men and women are not created equal therefore they should not be equal or treated the same because of the physical differences and cultural traditions as well as the special treatment of women in our society.

It is known that women are not selected to fulfill all the jobs done by men because of their physical and psychological differences. It is not necessary to argue that men and women are physically different. Men are built for so called “physical confrontation when they can use their force”. They have a strong body construction with muscles and thick skin. According to the numerous researches, in most cases men use the left side of their brains which means that they can solve only one problem at a time. The above mentioned facts prove that men have an opportunity to work hard and to choose such professions as builder, driver, pilot and others which require strength and endurance. (Everhart, 2000, para.4)

The other fact is that females are less influential than men. Men have “greater legitimacy and authority than women do”. Women cannot be compared with men because they “play different roles”. Women are more domestic or caretaking and they occupy lower status while men occupy higher status and “behave more aggressively”. (Carly, 2001, p.725)
Moreover, females can easily be effected by others opinions. Women are very sensitive to the feelings of others and more emotional than men. They can easily change their opinion if men treat them tenderly. (Carly, 2001, p.735)

Furthermore, it is also known that women are controlled mainly by the society habits and culture. This fact is true. Women pay too much attention to the rules of the society and to the cultural tendencies.(Connel, 1988, p. 29)

In addition to the above mentioned facts, it is well known that working and fulfilling the family financial need was always the man’s task. Women are weak and depend on men. They should take care of their children and their house. They should respect their husband and obey him. It is not a secret that “Arab families are highly patriarchal” and men play the major role.(Joseph, 1994, p.195)

One more supporting point is that till recently, woman’s role was to raise children and to do house jobs. Women should not take too much duties. Men should take responsibility for their women: mothers, sisters, wives, daughters, aunts.(Joseph, 1994, p.197)

One more important fact is that women like to be treated in a special way. They act absolutely in a different way if we compare them to men. Women prefer to be the center of attention and to be treated with respect. In other words, when interacting with a female, men should respect her feminine.

Moreover, females like to be appreciated for their great effort in society. It is necessary to add that females like to have someone to rely on while most men are independent. Men know what they want. They are always self-confident and responsible for their actions. (Shami et al., 1990, p.34)

There is another opinion concerning the equality of women in our society. It is known that today women can work to support their families similar to men. They can get good education and they have a chance to make a good career. That is why educated women feel more independent and confident. They can choose their own lifestyle. Some women do not want to follow the old traditions. They live according to the Western type of life. They do not depend on their husbands. Moreover, they can earn more than their husbands. (Butler, 2004, p.18)

The other objection is that the population of women is greater than the population of men which means that the country should offer education and opportunities to work. Women live longer than men. According to the statistical data, women live about five years longer than men what proves the fact that women are healthier. That is why it is necessary to give women the opportunity to work. (Eagly et al., 2004, p.73)

One more fact that proves the leading role of woman in the Western society is that in the developed countries such as the USA, France and others, women can occupy male positions such as military or police officers. (Eagley et al., 2004, p.89)

However, it is necessary to pay attention to the fact that playing a role in the society as a part of the labour force does not mean that their capabilities will allow them to occupy leading position. They can be good employees or officers but they will never be given a chance to be at the head of the department or a company because men do not want to obey a female chief. Sometimes it dishonors men. (Connel, 1988, p.32)

According to the statistical data, about 70% of men do not support the idea to have a female chief. They are sure that a woman should be a good housewife and a good mother to her children. She should pay more attention to the development of her children. Being a chief she will not be able to spend much time with her children and to be a good wife. (Moir & Jessel, 1999, p.54)
One more important fact is that although men and women are having the same education it does not mean that they will be able to perform the same work. It can be related to those spheres of activity where the most important traits of human character such as strength, endurance, patience, confidence, responsibility are vital.(Claes, 2009, para.5)

In addition, it is known that there are some spheres of human activity where women cannot play a leading role. For example, politics and jurisdiction. Of course, to be a good policewomen is very difficult for a woman who is weak and sensitive, who needs protection and understanding. As a rule, women exploit office functions. They fail to perform serious tasks. There are some cases where only men can be useful and only men can obtain success, for example politics, military service, transport service and so on. (Moir & Jessel, 1999, p.21)

In conclusion, it is necessary to say that men and women should not be equal and treated the same in our society. The dominant role should be given to men because they are stronger, more stable and more assertive in their decisions. Women cannot take leading positions in the society as well as they cannot perform all the jobs done by men. They have absolutely different body construction, and they do not have true male traits of character such as strength, endurance, patience, self-possession and others which allow men to behave sturdily. Women are weak and need someone to rely on. They are too sensitive to make firm decisions. Women should bear children and take care of them but not to perform the role of the leader in the workplace. To earn money is the duty of men.

Although in the Western and European societies women enjoy the same rights as men, they cannot be compared with men. Men do not want to obey women. They do not want to have a female chief. The reason is that men will always feel their dominant role even if the rights of men and women are equal according to the Constitution. Arab women are taught to obey men. They know that their main task is to be a good wife and a good mother. Although, today many Arab women try to be more independent and free. They get education in the universities, work for the company of their husbands but they always remember that the leading role is given to men whom they should respect.


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    Perfect information. Strong points

  • Mary

    This is such unbelievably sexist drivel. You don’t cite any sources for any of your claims. You simply state them as authoritative fact. They’re not. They’re your own opinions and nothing more. Whether you like it or not, women are filling positions of power in politics and the military and in business. Deal with it.

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