Basic policy statement

Today, when the negative impact of people on their environment reaches an unparalleled high level, the truck company should take responsibility for the minimization of its negative impact on the environment. It proves beyond a doubt that transportation, including truck industry, is one of the major sources of the pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. In such a situation, the truck company should minimize its negative impact on the environment through the minimization of greenhouse gas emissions. The latter can be done through the introduction of environmentally friendly technologies which can reduce substantially the emission of CO2 in atmosphere by trucks of the company. At the same time, it is important to understand the fact that the truck company cannot stop greenhouse gas emissions at once because the modern technologies cannot provide the company with trucks using alternative sources of energy. On the other hand, the company can introduce new technologies which can decrease greenhouse gas emissions. For instance, the renewal, i.e. purchase of new trucks will reduce substantially the emission of CO2 because new trucks are manufactured in accordance to new environmental standards and are less harmful for the environment. In addition, employees of the company should grow conscious of their personal responsibility for the potential negative impact of the company’s activities on the environment. For instance, truck drivers should not left the engines of their trucks on, if they are not driving or they can refuse from using air conditioning and other accessories which consume fuel and, thus, pollute the environment increasing CO2 emissions. In other words, the personnel of the company should put interests of the community, i.e. environmental concerns, above their personal interests even if the comfort of the company’s drivers is at stake. Moreover, in the course of the replacement of old trucks by new ones, the former should be processed and recycled, while the truck company should assist to the recycling of the old trucks. In such a way, the company will save the use of scarce resources used in truck manufacturing and, simultaneously, minimize its negative impact on the environment through the reduction of pollution. Thus, the entire company and every employee working at the company should be environmentally responsible and the overall of the company is the reduction of its negative impact on the environment through the minimization of CO2 emissions and recycling of its old trucks.

Justification for the policy

The introduction of environmentally friendly policies is essential, especially, today, when the global climate change leads to irrevocable changes in the environment. At the same time, the environmentally friendly policy discussed above can be justified from two standpoints: environmental and commercial.

Firstly, the environmental concerns of the company are obvious because the company and its personnel are living in the environment which is polluted by trucks of the company. Therefore, through the minimization of CO2 emissions and minimization of the negative impact of the company on the environment, the truck company protects its employees as well as other people from the ongoing deterioration of the environmental situation. At any rate, the implementation of the environmental policy by the company will contribute to the improvement of the environmental situation or, at least, it will minimize the negative impact of the company on the environment that matches national environmental policies conducted by the state as well as environmental policies conducted by local communities. At this point, it is important to lay emphasis on the fact that, today, people are growing to be more and more concerned with their environment and environmental policies and the protection of environment become the mainstream policies in the modern society.

Secondly, from the commercial standpoint of view the introduction of the aforementioned environmental policies will bring numerous benefits to the company. In fact, the minimization of CO2 emissions through the introduction of new technologies and acquisition of new, fuel-efficient trucks will decrease costs of the company on fuel and maintenance of the trucks. Obviously, new trucks need lower costs on maintenance, while the use of alternative sources of energy will decrease the consumption of fossil fuel. The latter is particularly beneficial in the context of galloping oil prices which are likely to grow in the future. Therefore, the environmental policies discussed above can have a positive marketing effect on the company in a long-run perspective. In addition, the introduction of environmentally friendly policies will contribute to the formation of a positive public image of the company. The latter is particularly important today when the brand image comprises an important market asset of any company.

The audience

The target audience of the environmental policies discussed above includes customers, employees and the public at large. Customers are concerned with the reliability and environmental responsibilities of the companies they are working with. Employees are concerned with the impact of their work on their environment because they and their families in the environment which trucks pollute. The same considerations disturb the general public. Therefore, the environmental policies address the three aforementioned groups.

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