Essay on Yes She Is Pretty in Pink

In any society, community, and social group exist the main criterion by which some social groups are placed above or below others. This criterion is named social inequality, i.e. conditions under which people have unequal access to social benefits, such as money, power, and prestige. There are no doubts that at present the problem of social inequality among youth has a significant place. It is clear that the problem of poor and rich young people did not appear right now. It has existed for a long time, but did not obtain such a pronounced shape, which takes the place at the turn of the millennium. Thus, the term of social inequality is a hot topic in our society and various films, which demonstrate the topic from different perspectives, allow to explore the problem with more details. In such a way, the main aim of this assignment is to analyze the film Pretty in Pink filmed in 1986, and to understand the film’s intention.

The film Pretty in Pink combined in itself several popular genres such as romance, comedy and drama. The film was made many years ago, but it does not loose its actuality even now. It is a kind of teen romantic film about teenagers who fall in love with each other, and who faced to the impossibility to overcome social cliques which existed in 1980s American high schools. Of course, it would be nice to say that such problems of social inequality are in past, but there still exist the same problems in high school and universities, so the film has became a cult favorite according to its deserts.

Summarizing the plot of the film, we see a teenager Andie, who is one of the less popular and even strange girls in her school, where she studies due to some grant for free education, and the way how she struggles against her rich classmates who often ignore her and try to hurt with some sharp jokes. The best Andie’s friend (Duckie) loves the girl, but he is only her friend, nothing more. The other boy Blane, who is rich and popular, fall in love with Andie, but teenagers were forced to meet a lot of hardships on their way to true love being from different ends of the social ladder. This means that film’s producers showed the audience a variation how two different social worlds can meet each other and how public opinion can meddle in other people’s business.

Thinking about the film’s story, it is important to mention that the story is presented in not the ordinary way because various flashbacks are given from a particular character’s point of view, and the story is multifaceted by its nature. Of course, the main film’s intention was to present the difference between the world of poor and rich people, which is brightly described in the attitude of young people to each other, while the secondary points of the film were made on people’s possibility to be sincere in their feelings and thoughts, and the issue of true friendship can not live anyone calm. There were many specific scenes which are essential to the development of the story. For instance, the moment when the Blane’s friend asked him to end relationships with poor girl demonstrated not the true friendship of two young people but the presence of envy (because previously Andie rejected the Blane’s friend offer to spend time together, and it was a kind of revenge to the girl through the person whom she loves).

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