According to Walter Jessen, people are being asked to express their suggestions and ideas for the topic Healthy People 2020 by the HHS. As a result, there are many different suggests and scenarios regarding the health care situation in 2020. Let’s regard three possible scenarios that may occur.

According to Kurt Salmon, the US is going into the new expansion era that features the strong growth of the care cost. By 2020 the US population will increase to 325 million, adding 20% to the current base. First of all, the illegal immigrants will be the main reason of such increase. As a result, they will influence the general picture of the health care system.

Secondly, the growth of the health care cost is expected due to the aging population. By 2020, about 20% of the American population will be over 65 years old while in 2000 this range was 12%. It can be clearly seen that the aging population will cause the disproportionate impact on the system of health care.

In addition, it is a well-known fact that with this rapid way of life along with diet, smoking, alcohol and drug use, we can expect a great increase of the disease incidence, causing the main problems that may result to death- heart disease, cancer and stroke.

On the other way, with the development of new technologies there will be a number of treatments still unknown found, being more accessible to the whole population spectrum, both the young and the old.

Here are five main aspects to be held regarding the health care in 2020.
The first aspect will be the final Health Care Financing Reform that will be held due to the imbalances of economic and social life concerning the health care financing.
The second aspect will be Services’ Continued Regionalization as their will be more and more regional establishments, such as the local children’ hospital or the local cancer treatment center.
The third aspect will be the Emergence of the 2020 hospital that will include better financing, more trained staff and the improve of the conditions.

The fourth step should be the Emergence of New “Clinical Enterprises”ť. Within the next twenty years the growth of new relationships between clinical enterprises is expected, being not on the national but on the local level.

And finally, the fifth step should be possibility of the competitive strategies’ existing.

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