Essay on Sweeny Todd: Dramatic Worksheet

I like the complicated plot and unfolding of the events, which make the story really interesting to follow, while the outcome of the musical is absolutely unexpected. The musical keep the audience in suspense and I believe this is great. However, I did not like the excessive violence and murders that occur on the regular basis throughout to musical because excessive violence is shocking and distracts from thinking of and critical evaluation of main ideas the author attempted to convey via the musical.


Bloodthirsty, revenge, justice, corruption, family ties, love.


If an individual want to revenge, he/she will find the means to complete his/her revenge and any person is capable to revenge.


The exposition of the play is the arrival of Sweeney Todd to London.


The inciting incident occurs when Todd arrives to the meat pie shop and encounter its owner, Ms. Lovett, who tells the story of his wife and daughter after Todd, who turns out to be Benjamin Barker, was expelled to Australia by judge Turpin.


The rising action includes the efforts of Todd to revenge on Judge Turpin. Events grow more and more complicated as Johanna turns out to be involved in the scheme of Todd to revenge on the Judge, while the first failure turns Todd in a revengeful murderer.


The climax occurs when Todd finally murders the judge and when they both learn the truth of Todd and his family.


The falling action occurs after the murder of Judge Turpin, as Todd learns that the mad woman he murdered was actually his wife and he kills Ms. Lovett, while Tobby kills Todd.


The resolution is the funerals, when Todd is raising up in his coffin and the main characters conclude that all individuals are capable to revenge.


This play is unique in its depiction and analysis of revenge and how revenge may affect one’s life.


Too much murders do not work since it seems the audience just grows accustomed to murders and is not appalled by murders by the end of the musical.

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