Essay Why I wish to join PTE, American Occupational Therapy Honor Society?

It is known that PTE (Pi Theta Epsilon) is a leading academic honor society of the American Occupational Therapy Foundation which unites those occupational therapy students who have great plans in their future work. It is very important for me to be a member of PTE because I am going to make a good career in the field of occupational therapy.

I know that there are a lot of students in the society who have already achieved certain goals in their lives. They work in hospitals and rehabilitation centers and are always ready to render medical assistance to persons with mental and physical, developmental and emotional disabilities.

I have a great desire to join this honor society because I want to maintain high GPA in the Occupational Therapy program. Moreover, I want to be an active member of the community. I am a person of strong character who always tries to achieve the intended goals. That is why it is very important for me to develop not only my skills but also to develop my personality and to broaden my outlook.

I know that I will have the opportunity to contribute to the advancement of the field of occupational therapy through scholarly activities. I have great desire to take part in scholarly activities and to conduct researches in the field of occupational therapy. I think that I will succeed in different projects which are specially organized by the honor society for the further advancement of the occupational therapy. As I am a self-confident person who wants to become a professional in the field of occupational therapy, I’ll be glad to join PTE.

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