Term paper on Fashion Photography: Impact of the image on police officers

The image also involves police officers, who are depicted arresting and searching a woman. Such depiction of police officers is also highly controversial and contradicts to the real policies conducted by the police in relation to search and seizure. In fact, the procedure of search and seizure is carefully regulated within the police and police officers have to conduct this procedure carefully since any errors being committed by police officers in the course of this procedure lead to the violation of human rights and make the search and seizure useless in legal terms. Nevertheless the image depicts the procedure of search and seizure, where the police officer acts inappropriately that naturally raises the question concerning the responsibility of police officers and their ability to conduct such procedures professionally and according to existing legal norms.

Moreover, such depiction of police officers depicts them in a negative light and may be offensive for police officers. As police officers follow existing norms and standards concerning the search and seizure procedure, they may naturally feel being offended by such an image. Traditionally police officers are depicted as law enforcement agents, who respect the law and human rights (Dwight, 92), while the photo tends to violate such an image of police officers. However, the current image ruins the traditional image of police officers and shows their inclination to the violation of human rights. Obviously, such depiction of police officers is offensive and unacceptable.

The maintenance of the positive image of police officers is very important for the contemporary society, while the depiction of police officers acting offensively is actually offensive for police officers and raises the risk of the legal liability of the creator of the photo (Weber, 84). In fact, police officers are doing their job and they have strict regulations of their actions. They have to follow their professional code of conduct. However, the image just ruins the public perception of police officers and their code of conduct. Instead, the image shows police officers as individuals, who can act offensively in relation to defenseless women, since the police officers depicted in the image are just using their position to conduct their sexually offensive actions in relation to the detained woman.


Thus, taking into account all above mentioned, it is important to place emphasis on the fact that the image depicting the detained woman and the police officer conducting the search and seizure procedure in a sexually explicit and offensive way is absolutely unacceptable and needs editing. In fact, the photo creates a negative image of both women and police officers. On the one hand, the photography stresses sexuality of the woman but her sexuality is uncovered in an offensive, explicit way. On the other hand, actions of the police officer conducting the search and seizure procedure and other officers standing and staring are also extremely offensive not only in relation to the woman depicted in the photo but also in relation to police officers, their professional code of conduct and human dignity. In fact, the image has gone too far in the depiction of the woman and police officers and, thus, the image has to be edited.


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