Canada’s social diversity essay

No, Canada’s Parliamentary Representation Should Not Mirror Canada’s Social Diversity.

Canada’s political issues are wide discussed even in governmental ranges.  I want to dwell on our debate topic with more details and I have my own opinion in relate to debate topic. The debate topic is: “Should representation in Canada’s Parliament mirror Canada’s social diversity”? As you see from the title it is disputable question and it has dual character. My aim is to discuss the main points and highlight the stronger arguments in such a way. My stance on this is that: No, Canada’s parliamentary representation should not mirror Canada’s social diversity.

First off all I’d like to emphasize that doing in such a way would increase not only social fragmentation but also greatly influence on group identification. I mean that as a Canadian person has different social background and that is no matter where you are from when you are still Canadian.  It seems to me that a wish to follow parliamentary representation by social diversity would impact on division of nation and cause mass segregation among Canadians.

Secondly, social diversity in Canada’s parliament can create there different social classes that will provoke discord solutions and will influence on decision making process.  Lastly, it is important to accentuate on fact that a diverse Parliament would ensure that all minor issues would be solved. We understand that the Canada’s Parliament is a place where weighty arguments and issues that affect the country as whole are discussed and dealt with.

Thus, taking into account all above mentioned I can conclude that we shouldn’t be strict in relate to Parliament representatives and impose regulations on representation in Parliament. I suppose Canada is sufficiently diverse that in Parliament will always be many different nationalities and it shouldn’t be question of principle.

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