Cell Phones and Vehicles: Death by Phone

Once only some people could afford the luxury of using a cell phone, however, nowadays a phone has already become a tiny ordinary possession that is provided by contemporary technology and offers remarkable mobility, services and information, entertainment and what not (Knowles, 2000). Though cell phones revolutionized our world outlook and eased human lot bringing a number of benefits, using cellular phones while driving causes numerous fatal car crashes.

On the one hand, cell phones are a matter of necessity in a fast-moving world and remain irreplaceable twenty-four hours a day, some of which are spent at the wheel. Bringing in it a number of activities the phone keeps users in touch with their relatives and business partners who may need brief advice or have to provide information promptly. Instant access which economizes time and efficient call in case of emergency situations, need of Emergency Road Service are only a few examples when cell phones help drivers to be more productive.

Moreover, much depends on a motorist who may be influenced by talking to a passenger, eating fast food, etc. and other far more distracting factors than talking on a cell phone (Knowles, 2000).

On the other hand, a number of surveys conducted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in the US, as well as in different European countries prove the necessity of banning at least hand-held cell phone usage while driving a vehicle. A study made by Direct Line in the UK established that cell phone usage is mentally distracting and therefore dangerous for drivers, however, about forty percent of motorist in Britain continue talking on the phone while driving (Wren, 2004). One more Road Safety research revealed that drivers doing so are four times likely to be involved in an accident. Dozens of countries have already made the usage of hand-held phone while driving illegal, as despite all benefits cell phones distract both mentally and physically and safety remains the main thing a motorist should think of.

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