Admission Essay

Today, education plays a tremendously important role in the life of people and getting a college education is practically an essential condition of getting started a prospective professional career. At any rate, it will be very difficult for me, in person, to get a job that I like, without graduating from T&T college. This is why I have chosen T&T college, where I hope to continue my professional education and develop new skills and abilities.

In fact, it is very important for me to get a good education of the high quality and I believe that T&T college is the right place where I can meet my educational goals. Naturally, academic progress is very significant for me since I cannot keep progressing if I have failed to achieve any academic successes. In the contemporary world, knowledge is probably the greatest value we can possess and, what is more important, the process of learning and acquisition of new knowledge, skills, and development of new abilities should be unstoppable. This is why, the college education is so significant for me at the moment.

I know that T&T college can provide with ample opportunities to develop my skills and abilities and I will be able to enlarge my professional knowledge since T&T college can train specialists which are able to work in different environment and, what is even more important, in changing environment.

This is why I view my study at T&T college as the basis for my future professional career and a huge step forward in my personal development since along with professional and academic knowledge I will definitely acquire important social experience while studying at T&T college.

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