Аdmission essay

This is the point in my life when I truly realize who I want to become and what I have to do to achieve it. Though I was on a wrong path and even went to a design school my freshman year gave me something really important and opened the world of science for me. Everything that was connected with science started having a special interest for me and it reflected on my grades. Owing to this I became more determined on getting good greats and becoming a diligent student. And though I realized the importance of this to me a little late to rise my average grades I still feel great for how I changed. I feel very complacent with me getting better grades now, knowing what my goal is and working a lot on making it come true. I understood that it is never to late to start out doing everything fittingly, especially studying. I started to research more about science careers and found out that surgery is what has a great appeal for me and is a field I have a strong desire to realize my potential in. I originally wanted to do plastic surgery, but still have an open mind about what directivity I will give to the medical skills I can gain in the medical school. Studying in a medical school will give me the key to the door of knowledge and a lot of things that will be vital in my future professional life. I am very determined on continuing working hard and getting the best I can from my classes.

My main objective is to learn everything I can from this in order to become a real professional in what I will for people. I think that the ability to become a surgeon is a gift that is given to not so many people. But I also believe that when a person studies really hard and selflessness he will achieve success no matter what. It is hard work but the future result- the knowledge I will possess is a great stimulus for me. Qualified specialists are extremely necessary everywhere, especially in surgery and I am willing to dedicate myself to this. I seek for spreading my outlook in surgery and I have a great desire to study it profoundly. The acquaintance with science changed my point of view on everything connected with studying. I started with realizing what I want to be in my life and continued by doing real steps towards it. I have changed my grades for better and I am intending to continue doing it. I will do my best to prove that I am worth of it. The opportunity to study surgery is of a great importance for me, because this is what I am fighting for right now and the reason I changed my old ways. I affirm that if you give me an opportunity to do it you will see that the results will speak for themselves.

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