Critical Writing

The development of society is inevitably accompanied by consistent cultural changes which define traditional set of values and art. In this respect, design is also vulnerable to consistent changes and in the late 20th century the design steadily slips to the total domination of materialistic principles and ideas which make functionality of design objects their primary goal, while their artistic values becomes secondary. This trend in design is apparently the manifestation of consumerism which is the mainstream trend in the modern culture as well as design, but it is important to preserve artistic value of design

At the same time, the growing materialism and orientation on functionality of design changes design consistently. In such a situation, designers should clearly define priorities in their work. They should not view profit as the ultimate goal of their work. Instead, profit gives designers means for their living and creative work, while design is and has always been art, a field, where designers could implement their talent and ideas.

Obviously, designers should focus on their work as a form of art and they should constantly improve their work in search of perfection. This will naturally lead to the improvement of the quality of their work apart from their concern with functionality. In fact, the work of designers should be a conscious act. They need to understand what they are doing and what for. Thus, work becomes a kind of self-education through which designers can enjoy their work regardless of material benefits and profit.

Finally, it is important to remember that profit is not the end goal of designers’ work. Instead, they should find the balance between their personal inclinations, creativity and professional work which gives them money for living.

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