Еssay Lee Harvey Oswald: Innocent or Guilty?

There is a great number of books, articles, reports and subjective judgments on the theme of Lee Harvey Oswald’s guilt in committing the crime of killing President John  F. Kennedy. The assassination occurred in November,22 in 1963, as he drove throughDallas streets inTexas. SoonDallas police officer was killed and Oswald was arrested not far from the place of murder. Everybody heard about Oswald’s guilt or innocence, except Lee himself. Oswald was killed by Jack Ruby before the crime was proved in court, hence, in 1964 the Warren Commission declared that Lee Oswald made the assassination alone. In his report on this case Leo Sauvage remarked, that if we believe that a man must be considered innocent until he is proved guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, we can already assert that Lee Harvey Oswald was innocent. FBI reporters made conclusions that Lee acted alone or with other shooters. There were theories that he did not shoot and was patsy of a larger conspiracy. Documentary evidence is rather controversial.

Henry Wade claimed: I would say that without any doubt Oswald is a killerof President Kennedy.

John Kennedy’s investigator J. Armstrong made a sensational discovery that the Warren Commission collected life stories of two different people to create a myth about Lee Harvey Oswald. These two persons are supposed to be a Hungarian citizen and a young man with southern American accent, who liked to be called Lee. Both were involved in secret operation concerningRussia. There are arguments in favor of Oswald’s innocence and evidence against it.

The truth about this case, the motives of the murder are buried with Lee Harvey Oswald. Though the crime is still being investigated.

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