Essay on Advanced Web Design

Occupational skills covered during my learning include the following: Project Management, Principles of Marketing, Management Development Programme 2, Dynamic Web Development, Accounting Principles, Corporate Strategies, eCommerce, Dissertation With Advanced Research Methods, Advance Web Design, Information Security. In fact, I cannot say that my achievements are great but still I was quite good in my learning. At any rate, I am satisfied with my progress and my professional development. At the moment, I am the final year student and I am working hard now on my assignments and my dissertation. By the end of my final year, I am going to obtain my master degree and find a prospective job. At any rate, I am eager to work and ready to join any company that I find prospective and that can offer me an interesting job.

At this point, I would like to mention that I have already got some work experience. Every summer I try to find a work. For instance, I was working at my mother’s clinic, where I was an external technical supporter. I was working at my brother office as a secretary. Even though that experience is not related directly to my professional training, still that experience was useful for me in terms of the development of important social skills and expansion of my knowledge and skills in the field of organizational structure and performance and contemporary business.

In addition, I am a very creative person and I took a prize in the arts several years ago. I believe my creativity will be very helpful in my work in the field of online marketing. By the way, my creativity has already proved to be very helpful, as I worked on the creation of my online marketing blog.

Areas of interest that could support my project

The development of my professional education and more specifically my project basically coincides with my interests, especially in the field of online marketing. Online marketing opens large opportunities for my creativity since I can use my creativity to develop new projects and to implement successfully. At any rate, my creativity has already helped me during my work on my project. My socialization and communication with other students, especially at the international level, broaden my eyesight and help me to learn new information and find progressive ideas that are very helpful for my project. For instance, I could compare views of different people on online marketing and analyze the development of online marketing in different countries to forecast the further development of online marketing.

Aspect of my current online identity that requires improving, changing or simply deleting

At the same time, my current online identity still needs further improvements. In this regard, I would single out the enhancement of my information security skills because I do not feel being absolutely secure online. At any rate, my web log seems to be quite stable and reliable, but I would like to expand my knowledge and skills in the field of information security. I am aware of the fact that new threats emerge and the risk of identity theft, for instance, grows constantly. Hence, I have to keep progressing and enhance my information security skills to be able to confront existing and potential threats effectively. In such a way, I could eliminate existing and potential threats, if I developed extensive skills in the field of information security.

Description of my project

My project involved the creation of the web log dedicated to the online marketing. In terms of my project I created, which is the web log dedicated to online marketing. The web log aims at the collection of the information on online marketing, processing this information and provision of users with articles that focus on different aspects of online marketing. In such a way, the blog will help users to learn what online marketing is and how to use this tool to develop their business, for instance. The major goal of the blog is educative by its nature. At the same time, the web log has the business potential as well since articles of a particular interest may be sold online but this aspect of the web log is under-developed at the moment.

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