Essays Opportunity recognition

In everyone’s life there are times when fate begins to endow promising opportunities and material benefits. Can you say that you never had any opportunities in your life? Then you simply have not used these opportunities or do not even notice them. People very often miss or refuse their potential opportunities and benefits for the sake of convenience or opinions of other people about it. And then people start complaining that their lucky stars did not give them opportunities and success. In fact, each person chooses whether to use his options now or not. Some options should be used without hesitation, but about some (such as change of career or work place) it is necessary to think over, to listen to own professional preferences before important decision. Each possibility is associated with risk, because no one can guarantee success in advance. Anyway, each opportunity requires critical thinking, and may be some risk and excitement. If we talk about that opportunities are risky, this can not be denied. But what exactly we should not do is ignore our potential opportunities, because they can no longer be bypassed. You can never have huge and obvious opportunities; and most people, anyway, definitely get a lot of opportunities day after day, but not everyone can or want to see them, and even more to use them. (Gaglio et al., 2001; Nair 2010)

But it is important to note that stories of successful business are almost always associated with opportunities recognition. Such trait as opportunity recognition is crucial for entrepreneurs. Most scholars recognize that opportunity recognition is central to entrepreneurship. It involves a high degree of creativity, involves trying novel ideas that are unproven.

Christensen et al. (1989) argued that “opportunity recognition consists of either perceiving a possibility to create new businesses, or significantly improving the position of an existing business, in both cases resulting in new profit potential”. (Christensen et al. 1989)

When we read the success stories of famous entrepreneurs and businessmen, we very often think that their secret to success is simple. For example, to think of an online store, such as the E-Bay, is it difficult? Or come up with an online auction to sell things. Everyone has such an opportunity, you need only make an effort. Modern Internet technologies allows everyone to come up with a business idea and implement it, even without a huge capital investment and costs.

Many businesses today are moving from the real world into the Internet. Every day, the total number of Internet users is growing rapidly, and it provides endless opportunities for e-business and enables each person to create your own online business. It is interesting to note that the Internet industry turnover in 2009 exceeded $4 billion, and the fact that today every one in four people have access to the Internet.

This explains the growing interest in this area – e-business. This is an area with unique opportunities where everyone can find what they need, namely, people of all ages and lifestyles. Internet tool in this case is unique ”“ there are no boundaries, age and racial preferences, so everyone, regardless of age, sex (student, retired) can find there something he want and can do, and find own way to earn money. There is no need to have knowledge of technology, to be a professional webmaster. And that this kind of business – business in the Internet – is unique because you can start it with a complete zero. At the moment there is a whole class of businessmen, the Internet – business people, and these people make decent money in the network. They are independent and define their own income, cause they were able to catch the opportunity and create the online business.

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