Cutbacks on Schools in California essay

The cutbacks are planned to carry on the situation in California will aggravate even more. In a long-run perspective, the limited access of a large group of student to the public education in California will result in their marginalization because they will be in a disadvantageous position in the labor market. The gap between educated and uneducated or poorly-educated people will grow wider that may provoke significant social tension because the education may define the competitive position of individuals in the labor market and, therefore, their socioeconomic status. Educated people will maintain the higher social standing compared to uneducated and poorly-educated. In such a situation, the government of California widens the gap between educated and uneducated because its cutbacks lead to the deterioration of the quality of public education and makes it unavailable to many students, while higher education become absolutely unattainable for students attending public schools.

In such a context, the school reform involving budget cuts formally aim at the optimization of the performance of schools but, in actuality, such plans imply that a simple majority of parents can trigger the reconstruction or closure of low-performing schools (Maxwell, 8). However, such reform will not lead to the improvement of the quality of public education but, instead, it is likely to cut the number of public schools because the new procedure of closure of schools is simple. As a result, the reduction of the number of public schools may left aside a large portion of students living in California. However, the government should remember that the students, who are left aside, will grow up some day and they will feel their inferiority and they will have fewer economic opportunities. Obviously, the most desperate of them will try to change their position for better but, as the government has deprived them of education and legal ways to improve their socioeconomic position through better jobs, they are likely to slip beyond the margins of the society and start criminal activities as the only way to change their life for better or just to change it somehow.

Thus, taking into account all above mentioned, it is important to place emphasis on the fact that the current policy of cutbacks on public schools in California is absolutely ineffective. Moreover, this policy is dangerous because it provokes social tension and puts under a threat the social stability in California in the future. In fact, the cutbacks deprive many students from low-income families of an opportunity to receive at least the basic education. Thus, the government deteriorates the quality of public education and undermines the competitive position of students finishing public schools in the labor market. Hence, the cutbacks are absolutely destructive for Californian economy and social stability.

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