DEAD SIMPLE by Peter James essay paper

The book “Dead Simple” by Peter James describes the part of life that includes mysteries, police work and paranormal. “Dead Simple” is considered one of the finest crime thrillers in the century. “Achingly well plotted, with suspense that has no letup” - Booklist, USA. There is described a conflict in which the character struggles against an external or internal “demon,” and evaluates personal growth and failure results. The character is struggling and he has limited resources and unpredictable future. “A terrific tale of greed, seduction and betrayal”Â – Daily Telegraph.

The challenges that Michael Harrison faces and the psychological pressure he feels, determine the most important aspects of life, the thoughts that have been forgotten and the values that have been underestimated.

“Dead simple” – is the first book about the detective superintendent Roy Grace. In gratitude for the book, Peter James explains that the creation of a work he helped Superintendent Dave Gaylor in Criminal Investigation. Furthermore, it is known that James really enjoys criminology, science, medicine and paranormal phenomena. That is what makes the novel all alive, bright and of a good quality. It captures the effect from the first page. Four friends decide to take revenge on the fifth with constant jokes, as they gathered together at a bachelor party before the wedding of the protagonist, his friends were drunk with beer and vodka, and the main character appeared unfeeling buried in a coffin in the woods”¦Â But not everything goes according to the plan of friends… “”¦his fiancée learns of the road accident. She is desperate to locate Michael”¦”

Staying alone in the coffin alive makes the wholes situation for Michael Harrison very strange and scary. He has nothing to choose and the only thing he can do is patiently wait.  Although Michael has attempts to escape his grave, he was not lucky at all.

“Michael pressed the talk button.
He pressed the button again. ”˜Davey?
Hello? Davey?’
White-satin silence. Complete and utter silence, coming down from above, rising up beneath him, pressing in from each side. He tried to move his arms, but as hard as he pushed them out, walls pressed back against them. He also tried to spread out his legs, but they met the same, unyielding walls. Resting the walkie-talkie on his chest, he pushed up against the satin room inches from his eyes. It was like pushing against concrete.”

Saying goodbye to a single life, Michael Harrison arranged a bachelor party, ended tragically: he himself, the main culprit of the holiday, disappeared, and four of his best friends were killed. Not knowing about this fact makes it a little bit simpler the survival of Michael Harrison. Claustrophobia along with misunderstanding and horror makes it impossible to predict the final outcome. Many readers just may not like the plot of the book. To many, this is what it seems worthy of a good estimate, because the author did not bet on an empty amusement reader poignant moments and a clear rendering of each frame, the psychological moments of the investigation on the characteristics of heroes. The novel, beginning with a seemingly crime itself, which clearly placed the emphasis who the victim and who the offender, presents a few plot surprises. But there will be many useful situations and mysteries that will not the reader stop reading it. Although, it can be noted, that nothing can be predicted and known for sure while reading. Nevertheless, the interest is not lost until the last page. The idea of the plot can be described this way: “what happens when four of your friends pull a nasty joke, burry you alive and then happen to die in a car accident”¦”

All in all, the book describes a life and certain adventures of the group of friends, and the “Dead Simple” also keeps people involved to the end, as the plot has twists and turns. Very complicated plot with the unexpected outcome and possible variants of the ending of the book makes readers think their lives over and over, looking for the similar situations and possible ways out of this.  To sum up, Michael Harrison struggles against an external or internal “demon,” and personal growth, as he needs efforts to survive and to decide what to do. The dilemma is difficult and the situation as a whole is very challenging. Thinking his life over and over, and analyzing what has been done wrong- these are the “benefits” of the current situation.  It seems that waiting is eternal and the “joke” is not funny, and now the brain and thinking is aimed at other the most important things, including survival. For Michael Harrison the reality is much different than for others. And for the rest people the reality is that there are four bodies and one suspect. The whole situation results to be confusing and strange and every person there does not know something.

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