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As a rule, strong emotions occur quite rarely since they are provoked by extreme situations. Nevertheless, sometimes strong emotions may be provoked by an insignificant factor and determined by peculiarities of an individual’s psychology. For instance, when an individual sees a spider his or her emotional reaction may be very strong because of the inexplicable fear of spiders which may outgrow into a phobia. As a result, every time an individual sees a spider he or she cannot help from having very strong and, as a rule, negative emotions.

On analyzing the reaction of an individual on the sight of a spider, it should be said that strong emotions are provoked relatively rarely and basically the negative reaction of an individual is actually a defensive reaction, which is provoked by an innate fear of an individual of being hurt somehow by the spider. Often an individual can be panic stricken when he or she sees a spider. His or her thinking is practically paralyzed because he or she cannot logically evaluate the situation. Normally, a spider cannot cause any harm to an individual, but the person, who has a strong emotional reaction provoked by fear of spiders, cannot help from panic his or her thinking is entirely focused on his or her fear, even though the person have no logical reason for panic (Applewhite, 1981).

However, the emotional reaction, even if it provokes panic, may result in a quite aggressive behavior of an individual in relation to the spider. For instance, it can be a direct aggression, when an individual uses some tool to kill the spider or make it go away out of sight of the person. On the other hand, the appearance of a spider may be interpreted by a person as a passive aggression since the spider does not attempt to cause any harm but the person believes that there is certain threat to his or her health or even life. Though, as a rule, such fear is not logically explicable for an individual him- or herself, it is just a fear.

In this respect, it should be said that the direct aggression of an individual is the outcome of the growing escalatory spiral, when the fear and panic grow so strong that an individual can hardly control his or her emotions and actions that results in the aggressiveness against the subject which represents a potential threat to the individual, i.e. spider.

However, an individual cannot response immediately, since he or she needs some time for accommodation and evaluation of what he or she actually sees. During this period, an interrupting response may be observed, when an individual cannot take a definite decision how to behave in such a situation and how to react on the spider, which actually provoked a strong emotional reaction. Eventually, the accommodation results in concrete actions of the individual which may be either a direct aggression or simply retreat or avoidance of the spider. The latter are defensive reactions which are conditioned by innate instincts of an individual.

Thus, taking into account all above mentioned, it is possible to conclude that the strong emotional reaction may be provoked by a strong stressor factor, which affects an individual on both physical and psychological levels. At the same time, the response to the reaction is basically similar even though the factor provoking strong emotions may differ consistently.

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