Earth in Space Essay

People’s Activity in Space

It is a known fact that people get used to change usual natural order, to cut forests, invent different harmful gases, etc, however, today such careless behavior can be noticed not only on the Earth but also in space. The greenhouse effect has been a topic of heated debated in recent years because our globe gets warmer and warmer every year and it can have unpredictable consequences. Today we should realize that this phenomenon also affects space ”“ a layer after atmosphere known as empty space ”“ the thermosphere ”“ becomes cooler. The main question in the article under title Greenhouse Effect Could Cause a Space Problem is: how it will influence our Earth and our space.

Greenhouse in Space

People produce cars, build new factories, cut down trees which result in extra carbon dioxide. It, in its turn, changes the upper atmosphere ”“ the thermosphere. This layer becomes less dense and cooler and now it stretches about 400 miles above Earth in comparison with 60 miles early.

This process results in the high energetic radiation from the sun. The thermosphere is not protected by lower layers of the atmosphere due to the greenhouse effect and that is why it becomes dense and stretches. Modern researches indicated changes in the density of the thermosphere on 5 per cent since 1970.

Such changes are extremely rapid for such global processes. In the article we find out that the greenhouse effect does not influence only Earth today. The author describes changes in space accurate and thorough. It is a positive aspect of the article. On the other hand, he does not propose any real solution and may have more concentrated on possible harmful consequences for people. It is its weak point.

Serious Consequences

People should realize that space is not so easy to restore. It is still hardly investigated and any careless actions can have impact on the development of the whole mankind.

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