Energy essay paper: what are the consequences of our current energy policies?

Energy: what are the consequences of our current energy policies? For instance, the mining of coal in harder to reach places calling for measures like mountain-top removal; the consequences of burning coal for electrical power generation and the disposal of fly-ash and its environmental impact; the increasing prevalence of drilling for natural gas


The current energy policies are ineffective and lead to the emergence of environmental problems. In addition, the conventional sources of energy are scarce. As a result, the mankind is likely to face the problem of the energy crisis.

Background information

In actuality, the energy consumption keeps growing, whereas sources of energy are scarce. In addition, existing methods and technologies of energy generation have negative impact on the environment that raises the problem of the substitution of fossil fuels as the main source of energy by renewable and environmentally friendly sources of energy. Moreover, the increase of the energy-efficiency is another challenge the mankind is dealing with.

The main ethical issues

On the one hand, the energy is essential for the maintenance of comfortable conditions of living, whereas in some aspects energy is essential for living because energy is needed in practically all fields of human activities. Therefore, people cannot live without energy. On the other hand, the generation of energy has a disastrous impact on environment. Hence ethical dilemma whether to decrease energy consumption and to slow down the economic development or to keep consuming energy at the present level and lead the Earth to the disaster.

Solutions to the issues

The development of alternative sources of energy

The introduction of energy-efficient technologies

The recycling and minimization of the negative impact of energy generation on environment


Changes are essential to make energy generation and consumption more efficient.

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