Environmental protection essay

Environmental protection is a multiple-factor problem, which can be solved on the base of combined efforts in different spheres of life.

What can play an important role in environmental protection? Undoubtedly, it is the state represented by the government with its laws and acts, international relations, business organizations, science,   separate comrades or special initiative groups and so on.

Pollution of atmosphere, water, soil, exhaustion of natural resources affect the interests of all people living on the Earth. In some cases removal of “overloads” of human deeds is not within separate states’ power and can be accomplished only in terms of broad international cooperation. And while the environmental protection within the territory of the states is primarily the problem of these states themselves, coordination of their efforts, cooperation of their economic and scientific potentials can greatly increase their capabilities and resources and solve environmental problems that can not be solved by one or more states. That’s why environmental problems take one of the main places in contemporary international relations.

Scientists say that the solution to the problems of environment preservation requires the creation of some “united world government” or “world government”. Collective international cooperation among all states can be provided on the base of international agreements between them, concluded in accordance with the basic principles of modern international law.

Environmental protection is not a problem of science but also technology. It is also the economic, social and political problem.

Uncontrolled by law development of technology, especially in the military field, may lead to irreparable negative consequences. Particular danger belongs to arms race, testing of nuclear and other weapons of mass destruction.

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