Good Presentation Essay

Presentation is a unique way to promote something. In many cases communicative abilities of the person, his or her ability to perform in public guarantee the success of presentation. There are several important factors which influence the success of presentation. Person who delivers the message is extremely important for the success of presentation. There are several important factors which are necessary for good presentation. First of all, it is important to understand the needs and expectations of the audience. The person who makes the presentation should be aware of the people who are going to listen to him or her. This information is very important for making the presentation appealing to the audience. The same information can be presented in different ways and audience distinguishes the choice of presentation method and technique.

Aims and goals of presentation should be clearly distinguished. The author of the presentation should be very clear about the key message of the presentation. There should be a certain message which is the sense of the presentation methods should be chosen according to the key message of this presentation.  All parts of the presentations, all visionary aids and handouts should be developed in order to help the author to pass this message to the audience. The audience should also know key points of the presentation and its main goal. This will keep them interested and motivated to listen to everything they hear. The author of the presentation should keep in memory that his main goal during the presentation is to inform and share his or her knowledge with the audience. This will underline the importance of information he or she wants to share and will also remind that audience and that is also very important.

Technical equipment is also important for the successful presentation. Visual aids also may help to make presentation interesting and appealing to the audience. There are special notes about PowerPoint presentation. Animation and visual objects should become supplementary aides for the person who makes the presentation. They should make information more interesting but at the same time they should not distract attention and prevent people from getting the main message of the presentation.  Too many colors and too bright colors may distract people’s attention. That is the reason the choice of color scheme of presentation is important. Presentation should not look too bright and too complicated.  Transitions and animations should be used sparingly in order not to prevent people from getting the main message of the presentation.  It is also important to decide on the quantity of information for each slide. The amount of information should not be too big because the audience will loose interest. Long passages of information may be divided into several slides in order not to make bored people who watch them. For the person who presents material it is important to be fluent in what he or she speaks about. In the case with PowerPoint presentation the person who make the presentation should have his own notes in order not to read information from the screen. In this way he may keep the contact with the audience better. Slides should have clear headings which illustrate the main idea which will be presented in the slide. Normal count of words for PowerPoint slide is about 30 words per slide.

If other visionary aids are used there are certain  rules about their successful use. Different posters and collages should be used only when they are needs. Till the time there is a need in certain visionary aid it should be concealed. If people see visionary aids before the time they are necessary they will loose interest to the things they hear. Visionary aids will distract attention during the speech. That is also the reason these aids should be hidden when they are not necessary any more. Bright objects are perfect means to illustrate words. They grab people’s attention perfectly but they also may distract their attention if displayed in the wrong time. Handouts and pamphlets should also be used cautiously. It is necessary to remember that they distract attention of the audience. If there is a necessity to give pamphlets or handouts to the audience it is necessary to note that if they  are handed early  it is necessary to ask people not to use them till there is necessity.

Communication skills make the great contribution to the success of presentation. There are several important tips of successful communication with the audience. Eye contact makes the audience more interested in what is said during the presentation. This proves that the person who makes the presentation knows the material well. Walking and pacing during speaking distracts people’s attention from what they see or hear. Contact with the audience is very important. Successful presentations are usually created when the audience becomes active participant but not impartial observers. This can be reached by several means. Dialogues and questions with the audience create necessary feedback for the person who makes presentation and improve attention of the public.

This will help people to become participants of the presentation. At the same time it is important to keep the initiative. People who watch and hear the presentation should be active participants but there should be only one person who leads the presentation and runs the process.

Emotional touch is one of key points of successful presentation. If information which is presented has emotional appeal for the people who perceive it the presentation will be successful. For this purpose it is very useful to use the emotional side of the audience if the topic is appropriate for it. Connection with personal experience of people who listen to the presentation is also important. Making presentation more personal and sharing more about personal experience will let people to believe more in what they are listening to.

The personality of person who makes the presentation and his behavior during the presentation is also very important. People get their information not only from the information they hear or watch but also from the gestures, mimics, behavior and posture of the person who makes the presentation. That is why it is so important to consider all these elements while presenting material. If the author of the presentation gives the audience signals which do not coincide with the information he presents his message will not be delivered to the audience. Posture, gestures and face expression should demonstrate that person is open to the audience and interested in the topic he or she presents. Sense of humor and friendly atmosphere also may make a great contribution to the successful presentation.  This will enable the audience to feel free and relaxed and this can help to perceive information.

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