Human Capital Essay Paper

The organization structure plays the crucial role in relation to the effectiveness of the organizational performance because the inadequate organizational structure can lead to the emergence of gaps between different elements and units within the organization. The latter can definitely lead to the increasing risk of conflicts within the organization, which undermines the normal, stable performance of the organization. Taking into consideration such significance of the organizational structure, the matrix organizational structure was selected for the project because this organizational structure proved its efficiency and is the most applicable in the context of building a Football team representing University of Phoenix.

To put it more precisely, the matrix organizational structure implies the formation of a team within the organization. In the contemporary environment, team management is extremely effective. Moreover, the development of team management, which is an essential part of the matrix organizational structure, will decrease the risk of the development of wide gaps between people working within the organization. In such a way, the use of the matrix organizational structure can enhance the unity of the organization and improve organizational culture.

At the same time, it is necessary to remember that one of the major advantages of the matrix organization structure is the fact that this structure provides the organization with larger flexibility compared to other organizational structure. In fact, the matrix structure implies the creation of units which work on specific tasks and perform specific functions within the sphere of their responsibility. As a result, the organization can respond fast and adequately to new challenges or changes in the business environment since each unit has autonomy and can react on any changes to meet strategic goals of the organization.

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