Mr. Smith goes to Washington

Mr. Smith Goes to Washington is a movie directed by Frank Capra, one of the geniuses of the era the golden era of Hollywood. Almost all his films have had huge success with viewers. The movie Mr. Smith Goes to Washington is among 25 movies selected in 1989 by Congress as the best example of American cinema. According to Gallagher, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington is a film centrally, almost obsessively, concerned with the content, situation, and (even) peripheral details of speech acts (13).
Thus, this paper introduces a movie that is called Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. It presents personal views and opinions on American politics, and a comparison between the movie and the book We the people written by Thomas Patterson.

To start with, this movie shows some procedures and traditions of the U.S. Senate. The movie gives us some ideas of a political machine. Identifying this story, it is possible to say that it sends a very clear and instructive message to the American nation that it does not matter how wonderful and amazing we state our country is, we still have to improve it and work at making it greater and more prosperous whereas holding on to the foundations and main principles formulated in the U.S. Constitution by the public founders.

In addition, this movie paints really a true way how an unshakeable democracy system ought to work in America. It presents a very true and candid image of the ugly and corrupted nature of politics and seeks for the only one who can make a difference. Furthermore, it can be add that this movie draws a parallel between various idealistic and political principles and political expediency with the statement that the truly honest politicians are the only ones who do not make a concession with their principles in order to retain the power. All in all, this story is about an average person who fights against corruption, bureaucracy, dirty games and intrigues, and duplicity. Almost everybody suffers from megalomania and is corrupt. They strive for their own glory and prosperity than what are the best things for the community and the country as a whole.

Thus, this story teaches us about American politics that only a united and equitable government can lead the country to prosperity and well-being. Corruption and bureaucracy demoralize our society, and thereby weakens the development of society and the country as a whole.

There is no doubt that there are some links between the movie Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, and the book We the people. We the People is considered to be a laconic, but really instructive and detailed story that promotes a positive, didactic, purposeful, future-oriented, and comprehensive introduction to the governmental system and politics of the United States of America. This book introduces instructive materials about relevancy and currency, which occupies the bright world of real politics. Moreover, this is a masterpiece of governmental courses because of its penetrating, balanced, and multipurpose portrait of the democratic and political system of the USA. Although, We the People represents a more realistic picture of the American government, but they both pursue the one goal, and teach by examples how to make the American system more transparent and stable.

Taking the above-mentioned information into account, it is possible to draw a conclusion that the movie Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, and the book We the People are the most instructive and comprehensive stories of all times because they always remind the American people what it really means to have a stable and fair government for society and people as a whole.


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