Nursing Application Essay

The modern healthcare system requires the high level of professionalism of specialists employed in this field. In this respect, the qualification of nurses is particularly important and I am convinced that a professional nurse should be always focused on learning and for a nurse the professional education never stops. Judging from my personal experience, I should say that often the lack of professional knowledge or skills can affects dramatically my work as a nurse. In fact, the problem is not only the lack of some experience or knowledge but I feel that I can do more if I know more. Hence, I need to continue my education and, for this purpose, I would like to apply for the nursing program, for UMASS, Amherst, Ma.

In actuality, I have a Bachelor degree in Biology which is a good ground for my professional work but I think that it is only a starting point in my professional career and education because it provides me with basic knowledge which I would like to enlarge. In fact, I want to be helpful to other people, but my current educational level is insufficient and I am getting upset when my educational limitations prevent me from providing healthcare services of the higher quality.

Nevertheless, I am quite optimistic concerning my future because so long I was quite successful and my previous study was a great joy for me. I am convinced that each person should be useful for his or her community and this is why my basic knowledge in biology and nursing allow me to help people who need the professional nurse assistance.

On the other hand, I do not want to stop my professional progress. I strongly believe that each professional should keep progressing permanently. Otherwise, I, as well as any other professional, will be doomed to the degradation.

The latter is extremely dangerous for a nurse and for a health professional at large because often the health and life of patients depend on the professionalism of the nurse or healthcare specialist. This is why I want to continue my education in order to broaden my eyesight and improve my qualification.

At the same time, my participation in the nursing program at UMASS is not the ultimate goal of my professional education. In fact, I hope that I can be able to start my professional work as a nurse and later I will probably continue my education and I will try to a higher qualification. In this regard, I believe that each healthcare professional should start from the lower level to better understand how the entire healthcare organization works. I think a good practitioner is the one who knows everything about the functioning of the healthcare organization because, in such a way, he knows how all the healthcare services are delivered to the patient. In addition, nurses spend more time with patients than any other healthcare professional. This is why they acquire a very important experience and they perfectly know patients’ needs.

However, such a work and a large amount of time spent with patients require the nurse be able to communicate with patients properly and develop positive relationships and I think the nursing program I am applying for will very helpful in this regard.

Thus, the nursing program at UMASS, Amherst, Ma., will be an advancement in my professional development.

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