Policy and Technology Paper Concerns about Violence and Sexual Content in Movies, Music, Video Games, Television Programming and Other Media

Concerns about Violence and Sexual Content
in Movies, Music, Video Games, Television Programming and Other Media


Nowadays the representation of violence in movies, music, video games, television programming and other media does not surprise anybody in this world. Sometimes it seems that there is no movie or video game without different elements of violence. Violence is considered to be an integral part of television programming. A great deal of elements of violence can also be found in music. Of course, many people criticize violent movies and other media. They are sure that violence influences the behavior and psychological state of their children who watch TV, play video games and do not understand that violence causes damage to their health.

The other thing is sexual content which also is an integral part of practically any popular movie or television program. It is clear that some young people try to imitate the actions of violence, aggressive acts, unmannerly conduct, offensive language and so on. (Alter, 2007)

My goal in this essay is to discuss the issue which concerns violence and sexual content in movies, TV programs and other media. We know that the development of new technology gives us a great deal of opportunities to improve our life but sometimes we find such elements as violence and moral degeneration which make our life worse. That is why the concerns about violence and sexual content require certain actions to be taken by the government, court and other parties. Of course, this issue should be resolved by competent authorities as soon as possible.

Watching Violence in the Movies, Video Games and TV Programs is Harmful to Children
According to the numerous psychological researches which were carried out by the American Psychological Association and National Institute of Mental Health, violence in TV programs, video games and movies can make children more cruel and aggressive, less sensitive to the actions of violence in real life and to serious consequences of these actions. It is known that each year young people can see more than 10,500 violent acts while they watch TV programs and movies.

The recent study of violence in movies and TV programs proved the following facts:
Ӣ Various violent scenes can be found in 60% of all the programs;
”¢ 1/3 of all the violent scenes show that “bad characters” did not get punishment and did not show remorse when they committed crimes and aggressive acts;
”¢ about 40% of all the actions of violence showed in the movies and TV programs were done by “good characters”.(TV & Movie Violence)

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