Potential Conflict in the Workplace

In this essay I would like to consider three employee situations, where employee conflict occurred. Also, I would like to describe the outcome of the conflict.
The first example is following. Two firms decided to conclude an agreement on mutual supplies of products. Mrs. Smith was supposed to prepare all necessary documents for the company, however, because of family circumstances she was forced to leave the workplace. In private, she asked to prepare the necessary documents the less experienced employee Ms. Costner and explained her all details. However, Ms. Costner made a few mistakes and in the result, the documents were reviewed, which took two days and led to certain economic losses. After the investigation Mrs. Smith declared that she was forced to leave the workplace and asked Ms. Costner to do everything. Ms. Costner, in turn, said that it was not her direct job duties. After investigation the relations between the two employees were strained, they had no contact with each other that has a negative effect on the normal operation of the company. In my opinion, to prevent such situation Mrs. Smith should warn the management about her future absence and management should control the execution of the task. The other question is why Mrs. Smith did not warn the management, maybe because she was afraid of being fired? In this case, it is obvious that the problem is in management style and it should be corrected.
The second example characterizes relations and trust between employee and manager. Once, my brother as a young specialist applied for a job to the company and manager on the interview embellished the working conditions in the company. In consequence, working conditions were not so optimistic as were described, and employee was disappointed in his new job. My brother laid the idea of deception and incompetence of senior management of the enterprise. As a result, he worked in this company only six month. In such situations there is management mistake. It should be noted that manager should depict the real picture of organization’s business to the applicant and if the current situation is not good – explain what steps are currently being taken in the near future to change it for the better. In other words, manager should describe the state of business if there are any problems.
The third situation can be called problems in team work. Often among team “players”ť can appear struggle for leadership. Once in high school we created a team to make a complex project on robotics. However, only after few months we were able to call us as a team. The point was that two persons wanted to be a team leader and when one candidate for a leadership proposed something, the other argued and even sabotaged his ideas. Of course such situation reflected on our results. After all, we meet on a neutral zone and had open and truthful conversation. We recognized that if we want to win the competition ”“ we should become a team and then chose the captain, with the condition that he should listen the opinion of others. Today I understand that we should discuss our activity on the initial stage and have such conversation in the beginning of the project.
To sum it up, I would like to say that conflicts at the workplace are inevitable. The point is to be able analyze the reasons of the conflicts and be ready for the compromise. Every person has different character and every person needs special approach, but I am convinced that by discussing the problem you can solve any conflict.


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