Psychological Issue Summary

It is essential to solve the Psychological issue regarding Borderline Personality Disorder through Family System Approach. Borderline personality disorder (emotionally unstable personality disorder, border type) – is a personality disorder characterized by impulsivity, low self-control, emotional instability, fragile grip on reality, high anxiety and a strong level of desocialization, according to Borderline Personality Disorder (2011).

Family Therapy, also known as marriage and family therapy, is a systemic family therapy and, recently, couples therapy, is a branch of psychotherapy that works with families and couples in intimate relationships to promote their development. Therapy is a treatment that tries to reach the essence of something. In medical science, therapy consists of the means by which the relief or cure of diseases or symptoms is possible.

On the other hand, psychotherapy with the help of the family system approach is a process of communication between a psychotherapist and a person who comes to consult for changes in behavior, attitudes and thoughts. Taking into account these definitions, it should be noted that family therapy is a branch of psychotherapy that assists couples and families to promote their development. It may also be known as family therapy or marriage therapy, when it focuses on intimate relationships.

One of the main goals of family therapy is to transform the destructive criticism which a family has about their conflicts in constructive criticism, and it is possible to alter negative patterns of behavior. Family therapy is based on a systemic approach that considers the family as a system whose members maintain relationships. When a member has a problem, the rest also suffer the consequences. On the other hand, others can help in the solution.

The therapist may choose to maintain sessions with the whole family or with their members separately, according to the needs of treatment. Anyway, there should never be forgotten the relations of each with the family. One of the techniques of family therapy is the genogram, a tree-like scheme that represents the family up to three generations and seeks to facilitate the evaluation of it.

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