Quality Systems and Process Improvement essay

Pick a business opportunity in your organization and explain how the D, M, A, D, V&V would apply?

It is known that six sigma steps is an effective improvement program which can be used in the organization to reduce the amount of defects and possible errors. The defects lead to customer dissatisfaction. Sigma can help to avoid defects. The higher level of sigma means the lower level of defects (Truscott 38). It can be applied to any business opportunity, such as customer services or HR management, finances or order fulfillment, etc. An advertising business opportunity is one of opportunities to which six sigma model can be successfully applied.

D means design the major organizational goals that will be consistent with the demands of the customers. An advertising business opportunity goal is to advertise products or services of the organization.

M means measure the major the product’s capabilities and risks. In this stage, the needs of the customers should be collected and analyzed in a proper way.

A means analyze the alternatives in order to select the best design. In this case, it is possible to find some errors.

D means design details. In this stage, it is necessary to optimize the existing design and to provide an effective plan for design verification. As a rule, this phase requires some simulations.

V&V means verify the design in order to implement the production process (Plenkiewics 150).

This model helps to define, measure, analyze the needs of the customers in order to improve the quality of work. In advertising business opportunity, this model can help to identify inefficiencies and errors in the process of work. In case, the project team uses six sigma model in a proper way, the advertising services will be improved (Tellis & Ambler 217).


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