Scholarship Essay


Scholarship Essay it is a prosaic composition of small volume and the free composition, expressing individual impressions and reasons in a concrete occasion or a question, and obviously not applying for an irrefragable answer.

This new, subjectively painted word about something, having philosophical, historical and biographic, publicistic, literary and critical, popular scientific or fictional character.

The genre of the essay assumes freedom to creativity. All its charm is that the author can write any reflections on any subject. Scholarship essay it is a reflection over any problem. Therefore, in the essay polemic with other authors (their point of view) is allowed. You may quote other authors if it is possible, but you should do it moderate and to a case. Scholarship essay is an absolutely independent work, written by own style and language, therefore, the less quotes are better.

An identity of the author is the forefront in the essay. His thoughts, feeling, the relation to the world become a basis for the composition. During the writing of essay there can happen some difficulties. There is a wide selection of subjects, and styles of writing, and non-standard view of any problem.

Besides, to write this work, it is necessary to know differences in style of the essay:

– figurativeness;

– aphoristic nature;

– paradoxicality.

For transfer the personal perception, world development the author of the essay:

– involves numerous examples;

– draws parallels;

– selects analogies;

– uses every possible associations.

For the essay you may use a number of means of art: – expressiveness is characteristic:

– metaphors;

– allegorical images;

– symbols;

– comparisons.

The essay will look more interesting, if there will be:

– unexpected turns;

– unpredictable conclusions;

– interesting couplings.

Let us talk about specifics of a genre of the scholarship essay. The heading of the essay is not in the direct dependence on a subject: except of reflection of the content of work it can be a starting point in reflections of the author, expressing the relation of a part and whole.

The free composition is subordinated to the internal logic, and the main thought of the essay should be looked for in the “motley lace” of the author’s reflections. In this case the mentioned problem will be considered from the different parties.

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