Sources of Motivation Paper

The main topic of our paper is to understand main motivation sources and also explain the relationship between motivation and behavior. I want also in this work pay your attention on how motivation is exhibited in behavior. I think that before main question discussing we should define he notion motivation and understand its main sense. If to be short motivation is the certain emotional condition which induces to the action. If we will remember our childhood, then motivation to the independent action shows up then, when a child wants anything to do and pronounces the cherished phrase “I will do it myself”. All children pass this stage. Not all parents perceive this phrase correctly, and their errors are concluded in their wish to delete such phrases from their life and as a result they can kill child’s desire to operate independently in future adult life. And it often results in that a child, maturing, stops to create in itself motivation, at the level of subconsciousness remembering negative past experience. “Excuses”, which result such emotional state can also result full absence of desire to do something at all. If to explain the term motivation in more scientific language I can quote the next informational source. Deci & Ryan (1985) proclaim a person’s motivation is a combination of desire and energy directed at achieving a goal. Influencing someone’s motivation means getting them to want to do what you know must be done. A person’s motivation depends upon two things:

ü The strength of certain needs. For example, you are hungry, but you must have a task completed by a nearing deadline. If you are starving you will eat. If you are slightly hungry you will finish the task at hand.

ü The perception that taking a certain action will help satisfy those needs. For example, you have two burning needs – the desire to complete the task and the desire to go to lunch. Your perception of how you view those two needs will determine which one takes priority. If you believe that you could be fired for not completing the task, you will probably put off lunch and complete the task. If you believe that you will not get into trouble or perhaps finish the task in time, then you will likely go to lunch.”

I want to identify two sources of motivation in very simple way. I know two very strong source of motivation: desire to turn to the account and fear to miss out this benefit. The first source excites a desire to have as many as possible values in people (material and spiritual). This can be money, glory, health, influence, respect, love and happiness. I want to emphasize that human desires are limited only by their own imagination. What does it mean? Does not matter, how many persons have already, person will want growingly. At that rate, if to help a person to find a method, get that he wants, it is possible to assert with the high stake of probability that this man will want to help you with achievement of your own purpose. Such conduct is based on principle “one good turn deserves another” which is stopped up in us from childhood. Famous American President one day said brilliant phrase: “Persuasion is an art to compel a man to act how you want and to think about it, as about the own idea”. Motivation is an enigmatic notion. It is far not always succeeded to explain itself or other on certain actions. And then we begin to search literature principles of the “forced” motivation description.  I suggest looking in a root: where from does this motivation undertake? The key is in our desires. If we will know exactly, WHAT we want, and if we wish it strongly, then HOW to receive it will be only the question of time. When I know, what I want, then I will time after time try different methods, while will not find most suitable and effective. And nothing can stop me on my way to my dream. And if I don’t know, what I want, then even enormous information content about that, how it to do, will not move me from a place and will remain unavailing.

According to Geen (1994) we can see next connection between motivation and behavior: “A positive view of the world and high motivation are the keys to positive behavior. A young person who is not motivated is unlikely to concentrate and learn effectively. Research evidence shows that learning outside of classroom can have a powerfully motivating effect on young people and a beneficial impact on behavior.  It suggests that such experiences are especially motivating for young people of all abilities who are not motivated by classroom learning.” On the basis of motivations a conduct, lead to satisfaction of initial necessity, is formed.

Thus, taking into account all above mentioned we can conclude that motivation is very strong instrument in every organization life cycle.

High motivation of personnel is a major condition of success of organization. Any single company can be succeed without the mood of workers on work wholeheartedly, without the high level of adherence of personnel, without the personal interest of members in end-point and without their aspiration to bring in the contribution to achievement of the put aims. Interest of leaders and researchers, engaged in a management is so high for this reason, to the study of reasons, compelling people to work wholeheartedly in behalf of organization. And it is although impossible to assert that workings results and working conduct of workers determined only their motivation, however very great a value of motivation is. Basic sense of affecting labor motivation of workers for guidance consists of that, to obtain from them such labor conduct which provides maximal efficiency in-process subdivisions and organization on the whole. Regretfully necessary to establish that for the overwhelming number of organizations quite offtype to estimate the degree of efficiency of those explaining affecting personnel, which are undertaken from the side of leaders. The successful affecting labor motivation of personnel is impossible without a regular feed-back as an estimation of efficiency of these influences.

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