It is impossible to avoid changes, but we can try to make them change for the better. Studying the future, we can better prepare for it, taking the right decisions today and realizing the consequences.
Technology continues to change our environment. Our world is getting smaller; communications from one end of the world to the other are faster. News travels almost instantly and what affects one geographical location impacts the rest of the world.
Technology has changed the values and objectives of people and companies. Considering my organization, technology has also made many changes and improvements in the work we are doing. There have appeared new means of information, it has become more available and easy to get, the processes of communication and sharing information have become more effective and advanced.
People are still indispensable in their work, but today the number of employees can be limited, because there is no particular need to keep a lot of people, as computers are of a big help.
Technology number one – is, of course, mobile communications. According to the World Bank, mobile phone, not so long ago, was the former is very expensive accessory for the wealthy, by the end of the decade was as common and necessary thing, like a toothbrush. A landline, which was unable to compete with cellular, slowly began to die.
Distribution of social networks. All popular social networks, or any, have been made available to the public as early as 2000-s. Number of users of the most popular social network (the title is still up to 2008 claimed several projects) is growing exponentially. This trend can still proceed. It should be noted that in my organization this trend is popular, because we communicate with our clients via social networks, and we find many advantages in this technological innovation.
The Rise of e-commerce. During the past 10 years the main traditional retailer Wal-Mart and its main competitor in the online market grew faster than Amazon. The victory in this race is completely over the Internet: in the year 2000, all electronic sales were worth U.S. $ 25 billion (data from OECD), today many rescues one site Amazon. And the prospects for growth even as much as necessary: even in the U.S. on the internet accounts for 6% of all purchases (excluding transportation costs). E-commerce is a technological trend that is extremely beneficial for our company.
Internet instead of watching TV. By 2010, the Internet has become at last the main mass distraction (while in the U.S. only): the average American spends more time online than watching television. Television itself moves to the Internet: cable networks lose subscribers, and share videos in Internet traffic has reached 50%. This trend shows that people almost live in the internet and for the companies it is now clear what will be perspective and where they should invest.
The rapid development of digital, and other kinds of technologies has led to the fact that normal life is changing rapidly. However, the life of modern man is as well becoming faster and more intensively, with implications for health and communication. New technologies also have disadvantages, and not bring only positive solutions. All in all, the technologies are still changing the life on the planet, the way of life, the interests, work, and goals of people.

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