Term Paper on Corruption and Government

Have you ever heard the phrase that big policy need big money? I think that your answer will be only “yes”¯. What is the relationship between the results of elections and the amount of money which were taken for election?

We can remember a lot of scandals connected with the financing of political campaigns. We often speak about our democratic society, but know that money cannot be entirely eliminated from politics. Elections must be honest and equitable, but also they must be financed. Wealthy interests influenced on the results of elections in different ways. Many politics are found under the financial pressure, because people who have big money are interested in the “right”¯ election results. Political parties have lost ideological focus, for great regret, and now they come to be dominated by “business politicians”¯. It is not the cause for the proud and country; more exactly country’s government must be shamed for this situation.

Democratic political system for the honest and real results, and of course, for the country’s prosperity must find a way to finance political campaigns without encouraging the sale of politicians to that people who have money, big money. Buying political influence and buying votes “business politicians”¯ take out our possibility to be free and open for the acceptance of necessary laws for the improvement people life.

Money in politics is a problem and this problem is concluded in a pressure of them on politicians. Only controlling money financing we can reduce the power of money. There are several ways of such control: independent anticorruption commissions and government committee. The creations of independent anticorruption commissions or inspector are very important and they should report only to the chief executive or parliament. For instance, such systems of control are widely used in Hong Kong and Singapore and have a good result.

In conclusion I want to say that elections must be free and honest, people should vote not for the money but for the truth and corruption must be controlled indirectly by limits on political power. There two types of limits: independent sources of political, adĀ­ministrative, and judicial power and government structures that create veto points. These organization limit money influence by making it less profitable for both sides, such as bribe payers and officials. Corruption scandals are the often topic of media news and it’s mean that is not all lost in our political system and we can see that anticorruption force worked in a right direction.

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