The letter

Unfortunately, there has recently occurred a situation involving several employees who did not do their part of the job in time and another person was made guilty. Recently, a woman, who was responsible for the project, has done her part of the job, but, as it was further found out- she has done not everything she had to. Further, the project was sent, and as s result, the recipients of the project were shocked by the incompetency. The point is, that the work performed by the woman who did not manage to do her part well, was not checked by anyone else in the company.
I presume that it had to be checked to avoid mistakes and unpleasant situations, as the person responsible for the project was not guilty in this situation. There are different areas and different professionals work in the company to create programs in IT sphere. This sphere is very perspective and there is a great responsibility and competition, which is why the work should be done the best possible way. That is why there has to be a proper control of the project or a program to show good results and progress, as nowadays, there is the lack of the responsibility within the company. I would like to underline the fact, that in my opinion the woman who was responsible for the work she has done, was not professional enough. I think this fact should be taken into consideration.

As a fact, working environment sometimes can be challenging. Communication at work can also be negative along with the unpleasant situations. As it is known, the IT technologies represent the present and the future of the progress. Sometimes occur situations, when people have problems at work and when the work is not done properly. The principles used in creating a letter were to address the letter, to show the negative reaction, to make some changes at work and to raise awareness considering the problems at work that should be solved, as described in How to Deal with Negative People & Situations Moving on from the Inside Out
I think that the company has to supervise the workers and check their knowledge, as there are certain prerequisites for that. Each worker makes mistakes, as in this case the mistake was made by a woman. That is why, to prevent such mistakes, a company has to find ways to prevent the problems and to create opportunities for the employees to feel more secure. Negative situations and problems at work have always disturbed people and made them nervous, as stated in 15 Tips to Stay Positive in Negative Situations. The company has to do everything possible to limit the negative feedbacks of the employees within the company who argue and do not understand each other. There has to be built a clear structure of employees within the company to make sure that the work is organized the best way possible within the company and this way it can be performed more effectively and with more positive results. Sometimes, negative letters are very helpful, as they give the opportunity to clearly understand what happened and how the problem can be solved. All in all, it is important to take measures and to see the obvious problems and perspectives.

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