The power of choice

To begin with it should be noted that in this book I will summarize and analyze my life experience, share with you some advices, which, in my opinion, will help you to find your own road in life and develop your potential.
It should be noted that choice, as well as luck, plays considerable role in our formation as personalities and professionals. For example, the role of a teacher is extremely important, because his main task is to arise student’s interest to study the subject and if teacher succeeds this may determine the destiny of a student and he/she will devote his life to work in this certain area. Although, not only teacher is responsible for choice of profession or specialty in the university our parents play not less considerable role in this process than teachers. Often, a child wants to be alike his parents and decides to continue the dynasty. However, the main responsibility lies on the student himself. Finally, only we are responsible for our lives this is the fact.
As a matter of fact, because of different circumstances, for the person it is not always easy to find his place in life. This way it was with me as well. It can be said that it took quite a long time to understand where I can realize my potential most efficiently. In other words, for me it was a tough decision, but nowadays I can declare with fully responsibility that it was correct. With this book I want to help younger generations to understand where their place in life is and what they need to do to understand how develop their potential.

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